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Cloud Box

Every once in a while I stop thinking about myself and think of others for a moment or two. Since Chris and I have been out and about the last four months the “every once in a while” is turning into “never”.


I see these boxes at events and weddings all the time. I really like how they close, forming a shape (usually a heart) that pops out. The problem with these boxes is that they’re white. Plain. Boring. I was trying to think outside the box (I didn’t stray far at all) for the shape of the top. Hearts are overdone, butterflies are not my style and stars are SOO last month. I like clouds. Clouds are a bunch of circles put together. I like circles, too. But how would I tie in the clouds with treats? After a few hours of brainstorming this is what Chris and I came up with:

Most clouds have a silver lining. This one has chocolate.
Click Here to Download the Rainy Day Cloud Box

Click on the image above to download IS•LY’s newest freebie. I have one request: would you please print at least one, fill it with chocolate and give it to someone who might be having a bad day? I’m not sure who to give mine to, but I’ll think of someone and let you know.

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    1. ANG* says:

      simply adorable! i can think of several people who would absolutely love this. myself, being one of them :)

      keep the creativity flying. loooove it.

    2. Alessia says:

      This is so cute! What I’d give to have this kind of creativity…


    3. miss Kitty says:

      These are too cute. I need one for my self!

    4. stacy says:

      this is too cute, i love the little umbrella people. are those the chocolate covered almonds from costco? we just bought some for avery’s party and they were SO good!

      p.s. shelly just opened up her hairblooms shop and your banner looks really good!

    5. Erin says:

      love this! i am definitely going to do this for a few ladies i know. thanks!!

    6. Heather says:

      So cute and so original! Thanks for sharing your talent!

    7. Annie says:

      We are big fans of your boxes – this one tops them all! Any chance you could make a non rainy day / all occasion blank one?

      You rock Melissa!

    8. Splendid idea! Just up my alley too. =)

    9. Naomi says:

      I love it! What a great teacher gift for the new school year, too…

    10. Jenn says:

      So sweet! I’ll give these to my visiting teachees. Thanks!

    11. Rachel says:

      AWW! Darling! Thanks so much, I’ll be linking.

    12. Erika says:

      Love it meliss! you are so talented!

    13. summer says:

      absolute cuteness. i can’t get enough of this place. will take these on our first day back to work next week. we’ll definitely be in need of a chocolate lining!

    14. laura sina says:

      yes ma’am! i am already printing out and have the perfect person who could use a little pick-me-up. a wonderful idea, and just adorable.. thank you.

    15. Jhan says:

      Very nice! I tried it myself! Love it.

    16. Angie says:


    17. Ati says:

      You are forever INSANELY sweet! I can’t wait to brighten someone’s day, now!

    18. laura says:

      What a sweet box and a great gift! I’ll definitely be printing this one. Thanks for such a darling freebie!

    19. Jill says:

      So creative! I am going to print this. Thank you!

    20. Ashley says:

      This is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. I’m actually going to a funeral today and I think this would be a perfect little thoughtful gift. Thanks!

    21. Renee says:

      This is beautiful! I especially like the suggestion to give one to someone having a bad day.

    22. Lillian says:

      Melissa, you are a genius. I was super sick the last few days and I have a friend who did me some amazing huge favors and I was thinking of ways I could thank her. But of course you’re way more creative than me, so I’m just going to use you:) Thanks for being amazing!

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    24. Ceci says:

      Hi Melissa:
      I just LOVE this! I am always at a loss for packaging or even for a last minute gift. This is so cute and can be used for so many situations. I hope you don’t mind, I added it to my blog as a fun craft! You can see the post here: http://www.fancymama.com/2009/08/just-some-fun-crafty-crafts/


    25. What a great idea for back to school, these are so quick an easy you can give one to almost all the staff that your child has to deal with. great idea!

    26. Bridget B. says:

      Thank you so much for sharing! I know I will definately print out more than one, unless I eat all the chocolate myself.

    27. Megan Donovan says:

      This is so beautiful! I especially like the suggestion to give one to someone having a bad day. Thank you so much for sharing!

    28. psuklinkie says:

      I love these sweet little boxes so much that I’ll be using them for my wedding favors!
      Our June wedding will DEFINITELY be rained on, so these wonder little bins will be a perfect way to acknowledge mother nature’s hand in our celebration.
      Thank you for sharing your lovely idea!

    29. Jolene says:

      Thanks sooooo much for sharing! It made my day & will make somebody else’s day!

    30. Babs says:

      thank you so much for this really really sweet cloudbox…greetings from Vienna

    31. featherfantasy says:

      I really love this blog…
      All the tutorials are really cute.
      I love your work ;)
      Have a nice day

      from italy ;)

    32. Katt says:

      this is so adorable. Thank you for sharing.

    33. Julie H. says:

      I found you through How About Orange. I love your site. Thanks for the awesome box!

    34. Limar says:

      Hi. Me too came from HAO. Love your place! This box is the sweetest, and I will def send it to someone :) Thanks so much!

    35. arlene says:

      thanks for sharing!
      i love it!

    36. M says:

      That is so adorable.

      Can’t wait to use one. Many thanks

    37. Bernadette says:

      Love it! Thanks for sharing.

    38. Donna says:

      I just found your website today and just printed this out to give to a friend up the street who is going through chemo for stage 1 ovarian cancer. Thank you for sharing! I love your site and really want a Silhouette now after I saw your post today.

    39. Leslie says:

      This is just delightful! Thank you for sharing your gifts here.

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    41. Sonia says:

      Thanks so much for sharing; I love this box! Just wanted to let you know I linked back to this post on my blog.

    42. Anh says:

      Thanks so much for this awesome template! I used it to wrap my petit fours and it was fab!


    43. Anh made these boxes and they look so great that I had to make some too. thanks for the instructions :0

    44. Vicki says:

      the art on this box is so delightful, thank you for sharing your gifts. ?

    45. Chandrayee says:

      This one is so amazing..Thanks for sharing !

    46. Primrose says:

      Dear Melissa,
      Love your site — the design and contents. Have shared this post on my blog — A Woman of Process. Thank you so much!

    47. laurie says:


      Just wondering if you could tell me the best kind of paper to use for this?


    mobile site