Ecosystem Challenge Recap


This post is brought to you by Ecosystem.

Towards the beginning of the summer, I was given an ecosystem notebook with the challenge to use it for the summer. I welcomed the challenge, because I used to always keep a notebook on hand to sketch in. Sundays were the day when I sketched most. I’ve not done that in a while! My sketching time has diminished incredibly since having Penelope. It happens.

I had a great time using my ecosystem book. I got the small, blank (artist) notebook. It was the perfect size to cart around in my purse and I just fell in love with the coated book cover, perforated pages, elastic closure & secret back pocket.

From a bookbinder’s point of view, this book is well made. It’s sewn, then glued (where many cheap notebooks are just single sheets glued together = not strong). My cover surely took a beating between getting tossed around in my grubby purse & being man-handled by Penelope’s grubby hands, but because of the coating, I could just wipe dirt & mystery sticky stains right off. It was great!

Here are some things that I did with my notebook:

  • I used my Silhouette machine to create the patterned cover
  • I sketched random scenes & patterns when I was bored
  • I wrote down my grocery lists
  • I drew schematic drawings for my project ideas
  • Penelope had her way with a half-dozen pages

Would you like to win one? I totally know you would! ecosystem has kindly offered to give THREE (3) lucky IS•LY readers an ecosystem notebook of their choice*. Here’s how you can win:

  • Visit ecosystem’s site & check out their notebooks
  • Leave a comment on this post telling me what you’d use your notebook for
  • US residents only
  • Only one (1) comment per person
  • Comment by 11:59pm (MST) Thursday, September 23, 2010
  • No purchase necessary
  • Three (3) winners will be chosen via & announced Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Luck!!

*Subject to availability.

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    1. Amy Steinberg says:

      These are so cool! I had never heard of this brand of notebook before. I would have a tough time choosing between a calendar (can’t seem to make the transition to a digital calendar) and a blank sketchbook for drawings and lists. Thanks for the giveaway!

    2. Shala says:

      I would definitely choose the author one. I’ve definitely a list person and also love to jot down my thoughts!

    3. Jennifer L says:

      What a great giveaway! I would choose the Author Journal. It would be great to have a notebook in my purse wherein I could jot down new ideas, new websites and to-do lists.

    4. I love the author one–blank pages to use as I wish; no lines to get in the way! I would get a soft cover, and I really like the kiwi green, though I think I could be happy with any of the colors. Thanks for sharing!!

    5. Lauren W says:

      I would love to use the author one for a journal — I’m trying to be better about documenting this time in my life, and a sweet green notebook would be the perfect motivation.

    6. Heather C. says:

      I would love the architect journal! It would really come in handy with work and I would use it for my own space planning and ideas.
      How is the pregnancy going? I am so excited for you!!!

    7. Elaine says:

      I’d give it to my husband. He is always sketching.

    8. alexis says:

      So much pettier than the steno pad I take with me everywhere!

    9. becks says:

      I would use the notebook for crafty ideas and sketches! I’m an art education student, so I have at least 3 different large sketchbooks to use each semester. It would be nice to have a bag-friendly (and eco-friendly!) sized one to use for my own little projects, and not just my assignments!

    10. Leah E. says:

      The artist one all the way! I love having paper handy to doodle ideas and pictures, but I’ll just lose them if it’s loose pages. (Which happens way more often then I’d like to admit.)

    11. Lacretia says:

      I’d love the author one so that I can doodle and sketch my ideas for new designs out and keep my grocery/to do lists in a place they won’t get lost!

    12. dawn says:

      i collect pretty notebooks and mainly use them to write my lists.
      i list everything…
      thoughts, tasks, chores, grocery lists, lust lists..
      i’m a lister.

    13. VickiT says:

      I really love these. They are so helpful to do so many things in organizing your life from, as you said, grocery lists. One thing right now I need one for is to help me organize myself for gift giving and other things I might need to make gifts for. I can write down what I am going to make or the ideas. Having the one showing the weekly calendar and the opposite page a lined page would help in getting those things organized. For the holidays it would be so beneficial to start a countdown earlier in the year to start projects on certain dates and what needs to be done. Also, any upcoming sales for things I don’t want to miss could be written. By having one of these I can always have it on hand unlike my computer Outlook calendar that I obviously must be near in order to enter things as I think of them.

    14. Rachel P says:

      I love them all and it’ll be hard to decide between the artist and the architect ones…..

    15. Julie says:

      I think this would accompany me everywhere I go for lots of different things!

    16. Emily says:

      I love to have a little notebook in my purse for writing things down. Their sizes are perfect! I love that they offer grid paper!

    17. Jen R says:

      I’m like you- I have similar notebooks that I carry everywhere, and sketch ideas, jot down inspiration, and use for scrap paper. The problem is, it’s difficult to find good notebooks with blank paper. If I win, that’s what I’d use it for!

    18. lisa says:

      To write down all my story ideas, including my crazy dreams! I’m a wannabe writer who loves to doodle–this would be perfect!

    19. Erika says:

      I teach an environmental science class and have my students keeping an observatio journal of nature and things around them. These would make great graduation gifts at the end of the year.

    20. Erika says:

      I would love the author’s notebook. I’m always making lists!

    21. Adrian says:

      I would definitely use the planner notebook. I love that it gives you room to make lists, notes, etc. Plus they have one that would fit in my purse!

    22. Nicia says:

      I would use any of them really! The planner notebook looks awesome, but the artist one would be great for the versatility. The blue color would totally match my diaper bag too!

    23. angelina says:

      i would use the notebook to write down things i discover while living in australi.a..

    24. Helen says:

      I would use it to take the place of all my paper scraps in my purse I currently write my lists and ideas on!

    25. Becka says:

      Oh wow! They are so beautiful! I just want to consume everything in there webpage.
      I would have to say I would use mine to draw.
      Although I’ve always wanted to write a book and I think this would be a fun place to start.

    26. marissa says:

      i’m a journal junkie so this post is calling out to me.
      i would carry this around in my purse an jot down all my random ideas, thoughts, and sketches in it.
      so cool!

    27. Tanya says:

      Wow this is a great giveaway! I love ecosystem and have bought there product before for friends and family as gifts. If i won this giveaway i think i would get the Artist one for a birthday present for my boyfriend whose birthday is next month, and hes an artist and loves sketch books so i really think he would enjoy this

    28. Lydia says:

      What an awesome little notebook! I am in need of a place to track my thoughts on photo projects, and this looks like a great candidate.

    29. *Alex* says:

      So cute! I would love one to help keep me organized-what a great giveaway :D

    30. kait says:

      i would use this super cute notebook as my “catch all notebook,” in which i keep all random inspiration, important phone numbers, directions, jokes, whatever i want to remember. i always have one of these notebooks in my purse :)

    31. Jodi says:

      What a lovely place to collect some thoughts. I would be delighted to win!

    32. I’d use this fantastic notebook to keep track of my school assignments!

    33. Mandi C says:

      Your sketches are so wonderful! Truth is I want a notebook that has ALL those different pages in it, but I must choose. Probably the Advisor since I could use a lovely pocket calendar for my purse in 2011 :)

    34. Trudy says:

      I would use the notebook for daily notes & inspirations.

    35. Denise says:

      I’d definitely go for the weekly advisor. I love the extra lined space for jotting notes and ideas!

    36. Amanda says:

      I’d use the advisor for my super busy schedule! I wanted an iPod Touch so I could access my Google calendar, but recently discovered that I abhor the app store and other features, so I’m ready to carry around a paper version of my calendar instead!

    37. Tacie says:

      I would get the Artist Journal, I have to say that I’m addicted to blank page journals. Now would be an awesome time to get lucky. For once. :)

    38. Jillian says:

      I need lines so i would definitely go for he author style. I would use it for grocery lists, to do list, and my newest obsession cake idea’s.

    39. I would use it for jotting down ideas, notes and all those things that I mean to remember, but somehow quickly forget.

      info at

    40. Carly says:

      I’ve been having fun making my own clothing, so I’d probably be sketching out designs and ideas. Oh, and lots of lists for those trips to the fabric store, because I always forget half of the things I need!

    41. Libby says:

      I’m constantly making lists of anything and everything while I’m in class. Homework lists, grocery lists, to do lists, chores lists. I have to write down absolutely EVERYTHING or I’d never get all of my design work for school or errands done. I live my life through my little notebooks!!

    42. Andrea says:

      I would get either the author and the artist one and keep it in my satchel…so i can reach it quickly when i am grabbed by a thought, quote, idea, mental image, or dream that must be written down or drawn immediately. it would be titled “miscellany”. :)

    43. Rachael says:

      Your cover is so cute!! I would definitely love the artist book – I love making lists, but I always feel so hemmed in by lined paper. No lines = freedom to doodle, draw, and make my lists look awesome. That way I don’t feel as overwhelmed by all the tasks I have to do! I also love doodling song lyrics and movie quotes that describe my day or my state of mind at the time.

    44. Brianne says:

      oooo. I would love to have the Advisor. I would have the ability to keep up with my daily tasks and still be able to sketch fun stuff on the lined pages!

    45. Dianne says:

      I would love to use a notebook for a journal, drawing or writing. Sometimes, something can only be described in pictures. I love the colors, too! So neon! ;D

    46. christina says:

      OMG, YES.
      i LOVEEEEE these kinds of notebooks, seriously.
      i have like 4 that are almost filled up.
      one i use for lists.
      another i use for doodles.
      and the last, i use for random things.

      i love making lists.
      it’s an… obsession.
      plus, i’m almost forgetting to do things.
      and making lists helps a lot.

      plus, ideas pop up into my head at random times.
      and like i said before, i’m totally forgetful.
      so i jot things down or draw ideas.

      i would love the artist book.
      i love blank pages.

      thanks for this!

    47. angie says:

      your sketches are really fabulous! what great sketch books! i would love the planner book — an artist, i am not… a planner, i am! :) thanks!

    48. These look so awesome! I would definitely use the sketchbook. I can never get enough sketchbooks.

    49. Amy P. says:

      Oh, my goodness…how can I begin to describe my complete obsession with anything journal/notebook?! Okay, well, gee, let’s just say I currently have 17 that I constantly use to fill with to-do lists, journal entries, letters, or random quirky thoughts that strike me. So saying, I’d totally pick the author notebook to add to my collection! I wish I could draw like you do, but as I don’t, I’ll just stick with my ramblings. :)

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