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I have all sorts of hang ups about texture & fit. Seriously, I’m crazy. I can’t touch microfiber unless I have lotion on my hands and I most certainly hate, hate, hate to wear a pair of socks that don’t fit or feel right. Just ask my mom. In the years & years I took ballet, every week it was the same struggle to find the one pair of tights that fit properly. When I say struggle, envision a 14 year old girl crying & screaming because her tights feel gross & like they’re on backwards. As soon as I quit ballet, I quit wearing tights or any sort of sock for that matter. I couldn’t do it.

Just in the last couple of years, tights have become a big thing in fashion. Wanting to participate in current fashion trends, I have given tights a second chance. While I have about 10+ pairs of tights, they’re not all created equally. Some don’t have a designated front or back (ANNOYING) while others might have a muffin-top-inducing elastic waistline. I hate both, but I typically sacrifice my sanity for the sake of fashion. Especially if it means just sporting them for a few hours on Sunday for church. I’m grown up enough to handle that. Most of the time.

When Hanes invited me to try a few samples of their new sheer tights, I was totally game. After all, they could be super comfortable. I am so glad I tried them out! They’re great! They have a label differentiating the front from the back. The material is silky smooth even on spiky I-haven’t-shaved-in-a-week legs. And then there’s the waistband. Ooooh, the waistband is heavenly. It’s smooth, flat & seamless. I’m a fan. Here’s how I wore my tights yesterday:

Outfit Details:

This outfit is sort of a transitional Summer/Fall outfit. I kind of like to call it the Peter Pan look because of the tights & the pointed booties. I’ve been seeing quite a few fashion blogs feature the blazer/short combo & I’m totally sold. I love it. The Sartorialist calls it transitional dressing. I think it’s brilliant & oh so chic.

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    1. Marissa S says:

      Tights with skirts for me!

    2. Sarah Louise says:

      I’d wear them with my cute new back-to-school (teacher) dresses!

    3. I’d wear my tights with all my cute fall skirts and boots!

    4. Elizabeth says:

      I’d wear them with my fall/winter skirts! My baby blue wool skirt has been begging for some new tights to go with it ever since my nice brown ones snagged last winter!

    5. Mandi C says:

      I’ve got a newly thrifted dress that’s just begging for some tights to go with it!

    6. Sarah V. says:

      i’d wear them with my skirts and boots! :)

    7. Evee M says:

      I thrifted two wool skirts over the summer that I have been waiting to wear with some cute tights. I love the outfit you put together with the tights and shorts, but I don’t think I am that brave! :)

    8. Katie H. says:

      I’d wear my tights with shorts (have never tried this before — but I”m excited to now!) and pencil skirts. I love tights and the sheer look seems really flattering…. thanks!

    9. Estee says:

      I have an amazing skirt that would really upgrade with the plum ones.

    10. Brittany says:

      sweet! i’d wear my tights with a thrifted dress and a cute pair of leather flats.

    11. Becky says:

      This is fantastic! I would wear them with the high-waisted skirts I’ve been making from The Crimson Owl’s shorts to skirt tutorial!

    12. Lauren says:

      Sweet giveaway! I’d wear my tights every day to work with different skirts/dresses and boots!

    13. Abbey says:

      I’ve always wanted a pair of purple tights! :) I like to wear tights with skirts and dresses for church and other occasions!

    14. MaryEllen says:

      Def with skirts and dresses but I also find them completely necessary with slacks. they are the perfect “sock” with cute flats or pumps!

    15. Lillian says:

      I’d probably wear them with my new pencil skirt I bought recently after losing 55 lbs! Yeah, I seriously gained that much with my last baby.

    16. belllesme says:

      omg I HATE tights too! They are just sooo annoying and ughhh, but lol, some tights I can wear. =) I would love to wear a bright colored one under a more natural dress. with some cute boots!!!

    17. Elise says:

      I’m obsessed with tights. It’s almost borderline insanity. I have a pair of brownish-grey ones I die over. They have holes in them but I don’t have the strength to throw them out. I would wear these hanes with probably everything! Dresses, shirts, shresses, panchos with some sassy boots.

    18. Erin R. says:

      I’m so not a fashionista, so it will be tights with skirts and hip dresses for me (I’m personally not adverturous enough to pair them with shorts).

    19. Mary says:

      I have a few dresses that would look awesome with fancy tights.

    20. jen says:

      I would wear them with dresses and skirts and boots to transition to fall!

    21. Jenny C says:

      Boots and skirts – its the best work fall fashion!

    22. hilary says:

      i’m a skirt girl myself so tights are a winter must have!

    23. E.Jane says:

      I’m excited to wear tights w/ summer dresses and fall sweaters
      This collection would force me out of my current collection of all black and opaque tights

    24. suesue says:

      I’d wear them with my winter dresses! I love tights!!

    25. HannahR says:

      I’d wear them with the skirts and dresses I wear to work. The fun colors would be a great way to liven up business casual!

    26. This is such a fun giveaway! I love it. I would wear tights with…dresses and boots, all winter long!

    27. MissJillian says:

      I have this new dress that is an amazing shade of blue. I think a pair of these lovely tights would really add something to it for fall.

    28. Sheryl says:

      I love tights with skirts and dresses, especially when the tights are silky enough so that the skirts don’t stick and ride up :)

    29. Dana says:

      Mmm, I concur: nothing better than a blazer, shorts, and saucy pair of tights!

      Fingers crossed…

    30. Gennie Catastrophe says:

      I’d wear my tights with the new dresses I just made! They’re long enough on their own but would be even more perfect with a pair of tights!

    31. E.Marie says:

      I’d wear them with my favorite dresses and skirts to start the school year off right!

    32. Katie says:

      I’d wear some of those tights with a few summer dresses I want to hold onto into the Fall!

    33. quinn says:

      oh i would wear them with shorts (like you) and a skirt, and a dress. i love skirts and dresses with tights!
      i love that they would feel silky on ‘i haven’t shaved in a week legs’. :D

    34. Jessica says:

      i’d definitely wear these tights with a pencil skirt and ruffled shirt…throw in some heels and i’m game to conquer the day

    35. Khemy says:

      wow, I love tights!

    36. Jessica says:

      I just got a pair of boots last winter that I LOVE to death…kinda a country riding boot and I wear them all winter long. These tights would be perfect with them!

    37. oooo! I’d love a purple or blue pair or something cool like that. I think I’d wear them with a funky dress. I’d love to try out that new top… especially after having kids.

    38. Anne says:

      These tights must be comfortable if you like them on your pregnant belly. I don’t think I’m brave enough to go the tights/shorts combo, so I’d most likely just stick with dresses and skirts. (P.S. Look at all the fun giveaways your having! Although, I’m looking forward to the next “regular” post.)

    39. Dianne says:

      I love the Plum ones! What a great color! I have a ton of skirts and dresses that I would love to wear during the cooler months of Fall with these tights.

      Also, I am totally loving your blazer and your pretty top. Cowl necks are so fun! ;D

    40. Kat says:

      I love tights, I can’t wait until its cool enough to wear them. I’d wear these tights with my fall dresses, hopefully with my new booties!

    41. Katie Z. says:

      I feel the same way about tights as you do. They bunch and I’m constantly pulling them up. I haven’t tried the Hanes brand yet, and I’d love to get a pair to see if they’re any different than the rest. I would love to pair a granite pair of the tights with black booties, and fun colorful skirt (like yellowy mustard colored) and a fun purple top; definitely for going out this fall. :-)

    42. Bri says:

      Oooo I love tights. I wear them all the time during the winter, especially with dresses and boots!

    43. Lacretia says:

      I’d wear my tights with dresses and skirts at work – I think the monochromatic look (especially black from the waist down) is so slimming! Thanks for the chance to win!

    44. Shala says:

      I would wear tights with dresses and boots! I love fall clothes!!

    45. My new red suede boots, vintage dresses and lots of belted cardigans. Tights sure come in handy with short skirts and early morning bike rides to work.

    46. Amy Steinberg says:

      I would love new tights to wear with fall skirts and boots!

    47. Tanya B says:

      I love tights! I’d wear them w/long tunics and flats. Love all the great colors.

    48. Holly says:

      LOVE these tights!!! I would wear them with skirts and dresses and knee high boots all fall and winter! SO cute. :) xoxox Holly

    49. Allison G says:

      Skirts and dresses, really should try the tights and shorts look. I think it looks really cute and I can get away with not having to shave my legs ; )

    50. Qwendy says:

      Oh, I’d wear my tights with my wool shorts and a turtleneck sweater!

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