1-800-Flowers Giveaway *CLOSED*


Did you know that October is the most common birthday month? Sure, Chris’s birthday is in October, but I had no idea this month was the most common month for newborns! Do you have family members who’s birthdays fall in this blessed month?

1-800-Flowers.com recognizes that this month is popular for birthdays & is celebrating this month by providing Facebook & Twitter followers with exclusive deals. Great, hu! 1-800-flowers sent me this beautiful bouquet, which arrived fresh & beautifully arranged from one of my local floral shops.

Many of the arrangements available on 1-800-flowers.com offer same-day local florist delivery. What a great thing to have the convenience of shopping online while supporting local floral shops.

Who on this earth doesn’t like flowers? Would you like your chance to win a $40 savings pass to 1-800-flowers.com? Thanks to 1-800-flowers.com, here’s how you can win:

  • Visit 1-800-flowers.com’s FacebookTwitter pages, become a fan if you’d like to stay up to date on their latest deals & fresh offerings
  • Leave a comment on this post telling me what you’d do with a 1-800-flowers.com gift card
  • This contest is open for US residents only
  • Only one (1) comment per person
  • Comment by 11:59pm (MST) Thursday, October 7, 2010
  • No purchase necessary
  • One (1) winner will be chosen via random.org & announced Friday, October 8, 2010

Best of luck!!

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    1. Suzy B. says:

      How sweet! If I won, I’d send my momma some flowers… She deserves them! And it’s her birthday soon, too!

    2. Michelle says:

      I would send flowers to a new mommy I know who is struggling with all the changes that come with having a new baby. She doesn’t live near me, so sending this surprise would be a great encouragement to her!

    3. Katie says:

      My home could totally use some sprucing up with flowers. Is it selfish that I’d use it on myself? I don’t have any extra cash to spend on flowers.

    4. Shauna says:

      I would send it to my cousin who is pregnant for the first time after a long time of trying and having complications. No one else knows about it and she is a lovely person who needs lots of love right now. :)

    5. Nancy says:

      These flowers would go to my wonderful mother-in-law for her birthday. What lovely blooms!

    6. Emily says:

      Gorgeous! I surprisingly don’t know many October birthdays. I can’t tell who I’d send the flowers to- it’s a surprise.

    7. Angela says:

      What a sweet bouquet! I think I’d get flowers for my baby girls 1st birthday.

    8. Dana Beth says:

      While I would be tempted to order some flowers for myself (such a splurge!) I bet I would send some to a friend in need of a pick me up.

    9. Lauren says:

      I’d send some flowers to my grandmother, who lives all alone and misses the garden that she and my grandpa used to have!

    10. Marissa says:

      I’m going to be selfish and buy myself the biggest bouquet of flowers ever – my due date is today and it doesn’t look like he’s coming anytime soon. What a disappointment! I need some flower therapy.

    11. Amy says:

      Oh pretty! I love the Hydrangea in a Fall Acorn Canister. It would be a tough choice though!

    12. Carolyn says:

      I’d send them to a dear friend who just moved half way across the country where she knew next to no one. She’d flip out if I had these sent to her at work!

    13. I’d definitely send them to my mom– she doesn’t ever buy flowers for herself but enjoys them so much!

    14. Emma says:

      To my mom – she had a rough summer with the passing of her mother and could use a pick-me-up.

    15. quinn says:

      i would give them to either my mom or to myself…we never buy flowers! Or to my bff in maryland. she would love them. :D

    16. Katie H says:

      I would give the flowers to my SIL who just found out she is expecting her 2nd little boy! :)

    17. Anna Hill says:

      Ooh! I would send flowers to my MIL. She needs some cheering up right now and these might just do the trick! Thanks for the giveaway!

    18. amanda says:

      Pick me!! I would love to send flowers to my own sweet ma & ma-in-law! :)

    19. I’d have to put the flowers in my future daughter, Eva’s nursery for her to gaze at. She’s due this month on the 20th and her daddy and I are super excited about her arrival. This pregnancy has been such a blessing and we truely feel the warmth and love of God blessing that is soon to arrive.

    20. jen says:

      I’d surprise someone special!

      and yes, october is popular for bdays… My husband and both his parents, and also my brother in-law! plus a friend….and another friend had a baby two days ago!

    21. Anna says:

      I love flowers so much I might just buy something for myself. Or something for my mom, because she loves flowers just as much as I do! :o)

    22. Amanda says:

      The most birthdays are this month?! SO funny! My little boy actually turns 1 today (at 3:05pm) so I feel like I deserve some flowers! But actually I have been meaning to send my Godmother flowers. She lives on the other coast and her husband passed away recently, just before our wedding, so I have been wanting to send her a bouquet with a mix of the same type of flowers we had at our wedding. Actually I’m going to do that giftcard or no giftcard but it’d be awfully nice to be able to afford to send her a larger arrangement with the help of this giftcard! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway :)

    23. Emily Harris says:

      My Mom’s birthday is next week, and since I’m across the country and on a student’s budget this would be perfect!

    24. Megan Taylor says:

      I would send flowers to my best friend who lives out in California & misses her friends & family in PA… including me! They would certainly spruce up her cubicle :-)

    25. Holly says:

      We’ve got 5 October birthdays in my family, but never did I think it was generally popular haha! I would most definitely send them to my Grandma for her 83rd birthday! She would ADORE them :)
      xoxox Holly

    26. Charise says:

      I would use it to send my mom the kind of gift I would get her if I didn’t live 3000 miles away from her.

    27. Marie says:

      I would send them to my Mom as a “just because she’s the best” present.

    28. Sarah V. says:

      i’m getting married in january, so this would probably go towards shower flowers or “thank you” flowers or “hold on, mom, we’re almost there!” flowers! :)

    29. Marissa says:

      I would send them to my mom! Its her birthday in a couple weeks – she was an October baby too!

    30. Sarah Clark says:

      This month, I celebrate my birthday, and I share it (10/23) with 4 of my coworkers. It’s also the most heinous month of work in the whole year, so… to be honest… frankly… I would get myself some flowers! I know, selfish, but every girl can use a little pampering…

    31. Deanna says:

      I would send flowers to my friend who will give birth to her first baby soon.

    32. Lacretia says:

      This month, we celebrate my birthday (tomorrow!), my boyfriend’s birthday, my dad’s birthday and my aunt’s birthday! I’m sure I would use it for one of those!!

    33. Dianne says:

      Hmmm… I think it’s a little too hard to decide. Probably for my mom, even though she hates the fact that they eventually die. Oh, well. I think she would like them just because they’re from me. Haha. ;D

    34. Kim says:

      I would give it to my daughter’s daycare to share with her wonderful teachers. They make every day such a happy place for a roomful of 2 year olds. Love ’em!

    35. Kat says:

      I’d send the flowers to my grandmother, who has been sick recently. She needs some cheering up, and I won’t be able to visit until Thanksgiving!

    36. Lyndsay says:

      My lovely grandma is born in October, I would definitely use the $40 to send her flowers!

    37. kendra says:

      Ohh I have three family birthdays in October! Or I might even wait and have a autumn bouquet for Thanksgiving dinner

    38. Charlotte says:

      I’d send them to my mom. Her birthday is in October!

    39. Those are beautiful flowers on the site! Both my birthday AND my sister’s birthday is THIS month! How funny! I would send a bouquet to her! What a great birthday gift!

    40. Kat says:

      I did not know that either. I am an October baby. October 24th is my birthday. I only know one other person that is born in October and she is the day before me. Most of the birthdays in our family are in July!

    41. Barb says:

      I would love to win this giveaway because I have a couple visitors coming soon and nothing says welcome to my home like the look of fresh flowers.

    42. I’d by flowers for me because my birthday is in October. Or I’d give it to my husband so he can by me flowers for my birthday. I love flowers!

    43. M.V says:

      That’s awesome! I didn’t know this was a common birthday month. I turn 21 years old on the 9th. I would most likely buy flowers for myself or my best friend’s mom who shares her birthday with me!

    44. Jen R says:

      If I won, I’d send flowers to my Grandma!

    45. Whit says:

      I would randomly send some beautiful flowers to my mom!

    46. crystal says:

      Of COURSE October is a popular birthday month…it’s exactly 9 months away from February! *wink*

    47. belllesme says:

      My birthday is in October! YAyyy! But I think that September or August is the most common… anyway, I think I would like to get flowers for my moms birthday, if it doesn’t expire….
      Thanks soo much!

    48. Bekah says:

      Beautiful flowers! How fun! I love flowers! I’d send them to my friend!

    49. Lisa says:

      A flower giveaway–how fun!

    50. Shaela says:

      oh, I LOVE flowers! About a year ago my husband decided (all on his own, mind you) that he was going to buy me flowers every payday, which is every other Friday. He has not forgotten ONCE, even when one of us has been out of town. I feel so loved and cherished everytime he greets me with a fresh bouquet and a kiss, and seeing them on my counter everyday reminds me of how much he loves me.

      I know that it’s not traditional to send men flowers, but I would want to send my husband a bouquet at work. It would surprise him but I think he would also understand the “hidden message” in the flowers… that I love and cherish him, too, for working so hard to make those payday flowers possible. :)

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