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I love making my own envelopes. They’re so much more fun than buying plain envelopes, as I can use any color/patterned paper I want. If you’d like to learn more about how to make your own envelopes & download a free template, check out my envelope printable here.

I recently got some new papers & goodies & I wanted to play around with them a bit, so I made an envelope & wrote Chris a little love note. Granted, the note is a bit feminine, but Chris appreciated it anyway.

I could just use a glue stick for this sort of stuff, but double stick tape is my go-to for paper assembly. It’s so easy, it never dries out – I think I have 15 dried out sticks of glue in my craft supplies, and a little goes a long way!

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    1. Tanya says:

      Some double sided tape would be great for wrapping gifts this Christmas

    2. Cards!!!! envelopes! kid craft projects!

    3. Laura says:

      Double sided tape is perfect for some homemade Christmas cards! I hate glue sticks since they sometimes make the paper curl, but double sided tape is not too bulky and lays nice and flat (and stays stuck! Glue stick-ed paper elements sometimes come off with age).

    4. annie says:

      i love to wrap presents with this stuff!

    5. Mandi C says:

      I seriously use it for everything! Any craft project. It’s the only adhesive besides a glue gun in this house!

    6. Charise says:

      I use it for paper-crafts of all kinds.. cards, scrapbooking, party decor, etc. Love it!

    7. Nicia says:

      I go out and buy double sided tape every year for Christmas gifts. Maybe if I had 5 rolls of it I would get every single person I know a gift just so I could use it all! ;)

    8. Lois says:

      I use double sided tape for cards and scrapbooking but my favorite is in my high heels at the heel to keep my shoes from slipping off my heels. Works great!

    9. Becky says:

      I use double sided tape for my art projects occasionally (I’m an art education major). I also LOVE it for the holidays. I love pretty packaging and it’s definitely a HUGE help!

    10. Meghan G says:

      Its great for wrapping presents and for holiday cards. I also design invitations and its perfect for adding a liner to envelopes to spruce things up a little.

    11. Heather says:

      I’m pretty sure this would make my life a lot easier in the next couple months, oh the possibilities! Most of my gifting will be homemade this year and it is my goal to use just what I have on hand. This would be a valuable addition to my stash!

    12. KWu says:

      I’ve used double-sided tape for a photo wall hanging I put together in my freshman year dorm. I found plastic photo sleeves and then used double-sided tape to arrange kind of a railroad setup of the sleeves, using ribbon on each short side of the sleeve to tape the sleeves to the ribbons. Then, I hung the ribbons on the wall pretty easily.

    13. Lisa says:

      I have used it some for making envelopes. These ideas have me thinking I should use it more often.

    14. Qwendykay says:

      Christmas Cards!!! I need some for my Christmas Cards!

    15. beth says:

      ahhh just in time for christmas cards!! i would LOVE to win.

    16. Heather C. says:

      I use double sided tape for scrapbooking, card making, random household needs and I’ve even used it on some shorts (the hem was coming unravled and I was in a hurry so I just quickly used my tape. It only lasted for the day but that’s all I needed!)

    17. Betsy J says:

      Ooooooh,me gusta! I would probably use it to attach embellishments to the covers of my handmade notebooks.Yay birthday celebration!

    18. Tamara says:

      I have started doing some card making and double-sided tape is a must-have! Thanks for the giveaway!

    19. von says:

      The list can go on, but most recently, my children’s science fair projects. :)

    20. Libby says:

      Who doesn’t love double stick tape? So great. I use it for many, many projects. Most recently I used it as a quick fix for my son’s t-shirt malfunction (it actually worked!!)

    21. Heidi says:

      I’ve never actually tried double-sided tape but I have a feeling that I’d fall in love the first time I use it!

    22. Julie says:

      I love the envelop idea: so I won’t be too original and I’d do the same thing you did!!!

    23. Cady says:

      I don’t have it in my house, but always want it after I borrow some from the library at church:) I used to make envelopes, and if I had double-sided tape I’d do it again!

    24. Melissa B. says:

      I use double-sided tape on all kinds of projects, but I’d love to start making my own envelopes using your template! So pretty!

    25. Tiffany says:

      Double sided tape has always been such a wonderful luxury, especially for present-wrapping! Seriously, as a kid I would get tape in my Easter basket and Christmas stocking and be THRILLED. I love it more than I should openly admit!

    26. Pixie A says:

      Love using double-sided tape when I create cards. Indispensable!

    27. Kristy says:

      I LOVE to use double sided tape for all of my paper crafts! Especially making little envalopes, boxes, and scrapbooking designs!

    28. Laurel G says:

      Gah! this is perfect for me! I use nothing but Scotch double sided tape for all my cupcake flag and drinking straw flag creations!

    29. I LOVE double-sided tape for practically everything

    30. Kim says:

      My mom and I make a lot of cards, so I’d use the double-sided tape for card making! :) And I’m pretty sure I’d attempt to make me an envelope too!

    31. VickiT says:

      I use double stick tape for making cards and envelopes but also use it to hold fabric down to the stabilizer in my machine embreoidry hoops once in awhile. Also to conserve stanilizer, I have been known to tear off something I embroidered and then placed another piece of stabilizer on top sticking it down to the other still in the hoop, This needs to be carefully done in areas your needle won’t be hitting however as you don’t want sticky residue on your needle.

    32. I could much more easily do all the paper crafts I have for my baby’s room. :)

    33. Suzy says:

      I use double sided scotch tape to make cards!

    34. Love this for wrapping gifts!!

    35. Virginia says:

      With the holidays coming up, I could see using alot of double stick tape (for basically anything with paper) from cards to wrapping.
      PS- Very cute envelope- I like the shape of the flap

    36. Christene says:

      I loved double-sided tape. I use for cards, scrapbooking and wrapping presents. Will need a lot of it coming up soon! :]

    37. tvmom says:

      i’d make postcards!

    38. Nicole says:

      I use double sided tape to make envelopes but I also use it to wrap gifts. I like the seamless look when I use it.

    39. Lindsey says:

      I mean who doesn’t just love tape… My kids all love it. I think it starts at an early age and just fosters. There is something about that ultra sticky stuff that can hold everything together!

    40. Sylvia says:

      I make a lot of wedding invitations, double stick tape is a life saver!

    41. Lizzie says:

      Love double-sided tape–it’s so useful for all sorts of stuff. I especially like how nice and crisp it makes my present wrapping efforts look.

    42. Manda says:

      I love to use it for wrapping presents. Incognito tape is the best!!!

    43. Kirsten says:

      i’d use this for making a simple paper bunting & wrapping my daughter’s christmas present- felt food!

    44. peggy scott says:

      Double stick tape is a necessity for scrapbooking!

    45. Bekah says:

      I would use double stick tape for just about any craft/creation! It’s great!

    46. Christine says:

      I’d use the double-sided tape to decorate my notebooks and bookmarks! Yay to no more sticky glue residue!

    47. Nancy says:

      This is nothing to shake a stick at, and by that I hope it’s clear that clear tape is a fabulous prize! I would make some envelopes to send Christmas cards in.

    48. Lisa Juliet says:

      I discovered double sided tape a few years ago and have rarely ever used glue since! I used it for everything including cards, scrapbooks, wrapping gifts, and more.

    49. Anne says:

      I have loved using double-stick tape for making my own gift bows (out of magazine pages, nonetheless).

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