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This post is brought to you by Ruche.

I’m nearing the end of this pregnancy & I can proudly say that I have yet to buy any maternity clothes. I didn’t mean to do that at first, but I’ve been increasingly disappointed with what’s out there. Either it’s frumpy & inexpensive or sorta cute & expensive. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes that I know I’ll want to burn after Felix comes.

It’s been pretty easy to avoid maternity clothes with the current trends of jeggings & belted tunic tops. I’ve been able to find most of these items at my favorite shops, which is great! I don’t want to limit my style just because maternity isn’t offered at all of my favorite stores.

Ruche is one of those shops that definitely doesn’t have a maternity line, but with their wide variety of clothing & accessories it’s easy to find something to suit any style/figure. Ruche kindly sent me a tunic dress that I just love. The elastic waist is meant to hit at the true waistline but is easily adjusted over my belly bump. I think it’ll also make for a great transitional top for afterward because of its hourglass structure. This tunic dress is SO comfortable! It’s lined & well made. I’m also impressed that it’s $30 (originally $40, but still!). If you’ve never heard of Ruche, think of it as the affordable Anthropologie.

This is one of the outfits I wore at ALT. Check out the fashion section for all of my Alt outfits. Thanks to Ruche for sending this to me! I LOVE IT!

Ruche has generously offered to give one lucky IS•LY reader a $50 gift certificate to their online shop! Best part? You don’t have to live in the US to enter. Here’s how you can win:

  • Visit Ruche & take a look around
  • Leave a comment on this post telling me  & tell me what item(s) is(are) your fave
  • Comment by 11:59pm (MST) Monday, January 31, 2011
  • This contest is open to everyone!
  • Only one (1) comment per person
  • No purchase necessary
  • One (1) winner will be chosen via & announced Tuesday, February 1, 2011
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    1. Angela says:

      Why have I never heard of this shop?! I love all the tops, and the accessories!

    2. Erin says:

      Well, how can you not love all of their items? But I think wearing the Sweet as Sugar apron would help motivate me to tackle some of the housework! :o)

    3. Lillian says:

      I love the dandelion ruffles dress!

    4. Brooke says:

      There are so many things that I love, thanks for introducing me to this wonderful store! I think my favorite item would have to be the “burst of inspiration dolman top” but there are a few more I might be purchasing!

    5. Becky says:

      I’m on the lookout for a good quality purse and pair of boots, and I LOVE the Stepping in Time Oxford booties and the Caramel Macchiato Messenger Bag (though it’s sold out!).

    6. Renee says:

      I need some new shoes! I love the hooked on you crochet flats in purple.

    7. Meg T says:

      I love the Eight Days a week cardigan! Fun for every season. Thanks!

    8. Tiffany says:

      Hi, This is the first time checking out your blog – it’s so wonderful!
      Here are my favorites on the Ruche website:
      Posh with pearls sweater tunic
      Country side ride knee high boots in brown
      I like the rings too, and so many other things!

    9. Ashley R says:

      I love the battalion military boots, Tina Leigh rustic boots, tied up in your love dress, and coffee run messenger bag. I’m not sure which I would buy, but it probably won’t be just one of them!

    10. Holly says:

      Wow-so many cute things! I really like the eight days a week cardigan :)

    11. Kelly Woodward says:

      Oh it is soooo hard to choose. I think I would have to pick the pumpkin patch sweater it is a bit chilly here. Or maybe some cute shoes. . .

    12. Trudy says:

      I like the “a bow for show ring in white”!

    13. julie r says:

      oh my, what is NOT my favorite?? i love the my fair flower girl cardi (it would look FAB with a big brown belt!), the toasty treat floral cardi, and oh just about any piece of jewelry on the site. but i do think the violet garland fabric necklace takes the cake…

    14. whit says:

      i love the annie grace linen tunic and the icing on the cupcake applique cardigan in oatmeal (no wonder it’s sold out!).

    15. nicole b. says:

      I love the Carley Mary-Jane wedges! Thanks for the chance to win! xo.

    16. Kylar says:

      Oh my laws, how have I lived without this place!? My favorites were the annie grace linen tunic, the autumn leaf indie ring, and the happy hem skirt but there are so many more! Thanks for opening my eyes to this place

    17. jazmin says:

      ‘the girl in the purple dress’ is so dreamy.. I’ve been day dreaming about it for a long time :)

    18. Jennifer says:

      I’ve known about Ruche for a while and while I never bought anything from them yet, I’ve always loved their clothing and how they style it. I’m really digging the frosted flowers cream cardigan and the spring tea garden floral cardigan.

    19. Lisa Juliet says:

      Oh wow, I love so many of their things! I’d have to say I’m eyeballing the Walk With Charlie Oxford Booties in Dark Brown shoes. They’re adorable!

    20. Lindsay says:

      I cannot believe I’ve never seen this shop before… I absolutely love everything! It’s completely my style. I especially love the annie grace linen tunic!

    21. JeanMarie says:

      I love the ‘unbelievable you’ tiered cardigan. so sweet and dreamy and Spring-like.

    22. Melissa B. says:

      Love this shop! Too many things I love, but the uptown elegance red cashmere scarf is definitely on my list.

    23. Lydia L. says:

      I love the ruffled rosey fantasy dress!!

    24. Shasta says:

      I love love love the “all lined up long sleeve top” and the “bird’s eye view eco-friendly top”. Thanks for featuring Ruche, so nice to find another stylish and affordable boutique!

    25. Kaylee says:

      I REALLY adore this “Loving You Floral Ruffle Dress” Everything from this store is SUPER cute; thanks for sharing!


    26. fabi says:

      I like a lot of things but one of my favorite is blue moon button up top i would love it with a pencil skirt.

    27. Vanessa says:

      I just discovered Ruche not long ago and blogged about some of my favorite jewerly favorites!!!
      I love the pretty..there are a few I must have but I especially love the round silver one with the tree :)


    28. Emily says:

      those nude heels are gorgeous… and the striped pocket tank is darling!! ooooh, so many faves!

    29. Ashley says:

      I’m ABSOLUTELY in love with the “only style remains necktie blouse”. GORGEOUS.

    30. jo says:

      love the lace up boots or oxford shoes. . . lots of stuff to look at!

    31. Keshet Shenkar says:

      Love the camera necklace!

    32. ira lee says:

      oh my goodness!!! honey, i just love this store. my pick would be between the paisley petal maxi dress and the butterfly kisses kimino dress. and i would have to pick up the magic moment ring.

    33. Virginia says:

      There is so much great stuff, can you really pick a favorite??? I love all of their accessories and jewlrey, such as the stitch me up taupe scarf, and the violet petal indie earrings. I also like their vintage looking aprons and prints (especially the pink and white umbrella print).

    34. Amy says:

      There are so many things to love! Especially the garden faire blue dress.

    35. sarah says:

      I am so in love with Ruche! Right now I am drooling over the Vintage Fairytale Lace Dress in Dusty Pink…. so pretty!

    36. Oooh EM GEE…I absolutely love their pieces…DO I really have to pick just one item? If so, I’ll say ALL THE DRESSES!! That counts as one, right?

    37. MSimone says:

      Cute stuff. I like a lot of it, but there is one the pleasant surprise embroidered taupe tunic. Thanks.

    38. julie says:

      the dandelion ruffles dress is my fav!
      love love that store!

    39. betsy says:

      um, every accessory they have. all of them!

    40. McKenzie says:

      The dresses are all great — I like the barbershop one. And I love a lot of the tops — study date, audrey plaid shirt….there are so many! Thanks!

    41. Tenile says:

      cute as a button jacket! i have loved it for the longest time and cant bring myself to buy it. its super cute though! :)

    42. Kinzie Sue says:

      So far on my list are the Imprinted in roses blouse, Barbershop quartet dress, Skipping through flower fields dress, Hip hippo hurray! dress, Take me away dress, P.S. I love you dress… okay, I must stop. So many cute items!

    43. Clare Dallman says:

      Wow, Ruche is so adorable! So much fun exploring and creating an outfit! I’m lovin the “pockets full of posies blue floral dress”, with the “lovebirds ballad necklace” and “bradbury jazz oxford shoes in brown”.
      Thanks for this giveaway!

    44. Aynna says:

      scarlett bouquet floral skirt

      Love it! it’s sold out, but oh well. If it weren’t, it would be mine!

    45. Jennifer says:

      Love the “she’s like the wind” one shoulder dress. So cute!

    46. Hashi says:

      I love ‘the comfort of your love’ curvy plus cardigan. I love a LOT of the stuff in their curvy section. I am so going to buy some of those garments.

    47. maegan says:

      You’re my favorite! Your so stinking cute. If I had your cute little figure when preggo, I’d never look frumpy maternity either :). And thanks for turning me onto Ruche. VERY cute, and AFFORDABLE! I’ll be doing some buying with or without the giveaway :). Good luck to you and Felix (and Chris and Penelope)!

    48. Gina M. says:

      I could use a new coat so, I really liked the love not war coat. Really hard to choose, everything is so cute!

    49. Katri says:

      I love the spots and dots sleeveless dress!!!!!!!

    50. Jacqui says:

      I love the uptown peep toe heels. Everything on their site is super cute. Thanks!

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