One Skirt, Three Ways + Giveaway


This post is brought to you by Ruche.

I’m feeling pretty good about my post-partum body even though I’m 15 lbs heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight. Scales are stupid, you know that? Some days I’m really happy with where things are and other days I’m just miserable & prickly. The reason? I don’t always wear clothes that fit. Which leads to the post-partum clothing conundrum. . . Do I buy new clothes or do I wait until my clothes fit?

I always like buying new clothes; but if I’m going to lose the weight eventually, I don’t want to invest in a garment that won’t fit in the future. Then again, if I don’t buy clothes that fit me now, I’d just hide my unbuttoned jeans under an uncomfortably tight shirt and ultimately be unhappy with my body. It’d be great if I could get back to my pre-pregnancy size because I have a lot of clothes that I’d like to wear again. But they’re just clothes. For now, it’s more important that I eat right & like the body that I have right now. Not last year.

Since Felix, I’ve bought a few new things and kept a few pregnancy clothes in the rotation. This method has been pretty good thus far, but perhaps a bit boring with the only two pairs of pants that fit. Ruche offered to send me a little something last month, so when I was browsing their items I¬†immediately¬†gravitated towards their tiered lace skirt. It’s adorable, whimsical & has an elastic waist. It’s the perfect garment that will be able to fit me now and if I end up losing any weight. It’s adorable & super feminine. I’ve worn it a few different ways & thought I would share those with you:


With the spring weather this week, I couldn’t help but wear this skirt with some sandals & a casual top.


I love that this skirt is transitional. I’ve got the summer look at the top, then this above, more wintery look. I wore this to my friend’s wedding reception. I liked wearing the bold, dark tights with such a light & airy skirt. Contrast is fun.

undefined This is what I wore to church a few Sundays ago. It’s a little more romantic. I thought it’d be fun to wear it with all similar tones for a monochromatic look. I think the next time I’ll wear this outfit with coral lipstick and maybe a bright necklace for a little pop.

I’ve loved wearing this skirt. The soft elastic waistband is incredibly comfortable, which makes me feel good about myself. Thanks, Ruche, for sending it my way!


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    1. Emily says:

      I love love love the modern azteca print dress. I make a lot of my own dresses, but haven’t braved the bold print that I’m so dying to wear.

      Here’s to hoping!

    2. Lindsay-Jean says:

      I’m coveting the “details in the fabric sage cardigan” – a piece that would work now with my pregnant belly and after the belly too!

    3. Taylor says:

      Oh gosh don’t get me started on how much I love Ruche! Now that i’m pregnant wiht #2, i’m nervous about how things will fit postpartum too! But the ocean flow teal wrap dress looks like a good transitional piece!


    4. Jessica says:

      I love the vintage inspiration behind all of their jewelry. Just the thing to add a little fun to any outfit!

    5. Jenelle says:

      I love your skirt, especially paired with the leopard print cardi. I had never heard of Ruche before, so thank you for this post! I really like the unexpected pairing of the casual long jacket with the bold floral dress in this look

    6. elissa says:

      I’ve been wondering about the Beat of my Heart Purple Pleated Skirt as a viable early-maternity and post-partum skirt…

    7. Holly says:

      The Show Me Sunshine Pocket dress would be perfect for any body trying to “work with what they’ve got” and would be a wonderful addition to my spring/summer wardrobe as I’m trying to lose a few pounds. Thanks for hosting! And congrats on little Felix (LOVE the “WTF” nickname btw!!)

    8. melissa says:

      would love, love to take home the twinkle in your eye light blue flats!
      my preggo feet would love them right about now! and they can be worn postpartum too! ~Melissa

    9. Holly says:

      I’m a bargain girl and always head to the sale section first. Most definitely the thing that caught my eye was the Park Avenue Perfection Polka Dot Dress. I’m in love. And if I could choose one other thing, and because living on the Oregon coast is not exactly warm, I’d totally go for the Evening Stroll with the Darling Coat.

    10. Amy Steinberg says:

      Ruche has so many amazing things that it is difficult to choose. I love the Spanish Nights dress. It would be perfect for a summer date night!

    11. Christine H. says:

      A pair of cute shoes (like the chelsea crew “janice” wedges) always makes me feel better when my clothes don’t fit right.

    12. brianne sheppard says: Yes please! I would LOVE this dress! Only three left! Although I highly doubt I could stop there…

    13. Kendall says:

      I love this post! I am about to have my first baby, and I’m freaking out trying to find summer clothes that will make me feel cute, AND be nursing friendly. The “all tied up in your love wrap dress” is adorable!

    14. Amanda M. says:

      I am falling in love with the “something to smile about lacy one shoulder tunic” and it is a good “hider” all around due to the ruffles and being a tunic! But, I am a total show girl, so the “april showers rain loafers” are GREAT!

    15. Gina M. says:

      i love the olive cargo skinny pants. I’ve been eyeing them for awhile. :)

    16. Alison H says:

      I love the “Don’t Let Me Down Belted Chambray Dress”! I think it could be worn so many different ways. Then again, I love pretty much everything that Ruche sells :-D

      Thanks for the chance!

    17. lizz says:

      i looove this
      jackie dress in blueberry by Effie’s Heart

    18. Bellesme says:

      I looove the last outfit! So pretty =)

    19. deuxmarse says:

      being in the second trimester of my second baby (the first one isnt 1 y-o yet!), i bought this vest,

      which seems perfect for the baby process, and the little after!

    20. Kiersten says:

      The “Skipping Stones With You” belt would be awesome to add some shape to an after-pregnancy wardrobe. I also love the peach perfection cardigan. Thanks!

    21. I looove every dresses of the boutique. Particularly the bird and ribbon navy one already in my closet, waiting for sunshine to come and stay… Ruche’s style fits sooo beautifully with my vintage-inspired jewels I create, as you can see here… MademoiZ’elle J., on Etsy : Thanks for this contest!

    22. Brenda says:

      I love their website. Also love how they style all the dresses. Gave me such an inspiration to mix and match and create different outfits.

    23. Emily E says:

      That website is my new fave!!!! Post pregnancy? I’d just buy lots of earrings!!! :)

    24. Nicole O. says:

      I’ve been looking for Oxford Booties for awhile now, so when I saw THIS PAIR IN COGNAC, I fell in love! :)

    25. Kylar says:

      I am in love with the sew up my heart necklace, it’s amazing! Also the the dancing with the flowers skirt, it’d be perfect for work this summer

    26. Nancy says:

      OOh! Everything is so pretty, but that sunflower ruffle top makes me especially happy.

    27. Noa Engle says:

      I 3> Ruche! I’ve been following their website for about six months now waiting for the perfect purchase and i’ve finally found it! now if i could just win this giveaway then i’d pay next to nothing for it!

    28. Valerie says:

      I love the “something to smile about lacy one shoulder tunic”

    29. Becky says:

      I LOVE the Dora perforated flats!

    30. Angela says:

      I love the Daisy Daze Eyelet Dress!

    31. it is HOT here in Tehas right now, so I’d choose the seashore dreaming striped top – would go great with a mini skirt or jeggings, could even be layered with a fitted jacket and belted. best of all, not clingy around the waist – looks pretty versatile to me.

    32. Anita says:

      I just started a new job this week with no jeans allowed so I’m totally crushing on the Thursday Meetings dress pants for a more dressy but not too dressy look.

    33. Holly Sax says:

      I absolutely love the “don’t let me down chambray dress”! It is so light and summery. Would love to place that little thing in my closet.

    34. Cynthia Drake says:

      I would buy the ascending pleats one shoulder dress in coral in a heartbeat, it is classic, modern, clean, gorgeous.
      What’s not to love?!

    35. Dejah says:

      I don’t really know anything about transitional clothing, because I haven’t had kids yet, but I really like the seashore dreaming striped top. It’s so different and cute!

    36. Rachel says:

      I think the “Laced with Love Dress” would be a great postpartum transitional dress — that elastic waist gives you the flexibility you need. I can even seen someone wearing it while they’re pregnant too (perhaps the first half of pregnancy)

    37. Katy Potaty says:

      Oh, I LOVE the Ascending Pleats dress in coral – it’s beautiful!

      Thanks for introducing me to Ruche, we don’t have them here in Australia!

    38. Campbell says:

      I’m not postpartum but I am in between sizes (and it’s driving me crazy!). The “midnight perfection” dress would be perfect for upcoming events; thanks for turning me on to Ruche!

    39. Katy Potaty says:

      Oh, I love the Ascending Pleats dress in coral – it’s beautiful!

      Thanks for introducing me to Ruche, we don’t have them here in Australia!

    40. Star A says:

      i absolutely love Ruche!
      i can think of so many ways to wear this top:

    41. steffi says:

      Wrap dresses are perfect for women with a changing waistline. And this one is sooo cute:

    42. GJoanne says:

      I have been eyeing Ruche’s ‘better than the boyfriend’s plaid green blazer’ for ages now, can’t wait until it is restocked again. It’s the perfect transitional piece of clothing I think, either from Winter to Spring or from Summer to Autumn (it’s getting colder here in Australia). Thanks for the contest!

    43. Caoimhe says:

      Great giveaway, thank you! Love the twinkle in your eye flats and the beauty bow hat, perfect for summer…

    44. Kelley says:

      You look adorable in all these outfits. :)

      I’ve been eyeing this tunic from Ruche for a while:
      I think it would be a good post-partum piece because it’s loose around the waist. It’s also extra-long, to hide muffin tops or unbuttoned jeans!

    45. Estee says:

      I love the mint ‘n chips dippin’ dots top.

    46. Vicki says:

      The ‘going and gone green wedge sandals’ are to die for! So amazingly beautiful!

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