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The new year is approaching & I have so many ideas on how to make this site worlds better, but I’d love to have your input! Would you please take a moment to fill out this survey? Pretty please?

Fill out the survey & comment on this post saying that you did & you’ll automatically be entered to win the lovely bracelet pictured above (made by yours truly!). Deal? Deal! Fill out survey & comment by Dec. 23, 2011. International entries welcome! Comment on THIS POST. A winner will be chosen Christmas Eve. 

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Click here to see today’s outfit (and accompanying leather bracelet).

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    1. Melanie says:

      Done!! Hope to win! Your website is already fantastic, nothing to change really.

    2. Janel says:

      love your DIY posts!!

    3. Kate says:

      Your website is great! Keep up the awesomeness!

    4. Aviva says:

      I just wanted to add – I found your site through a google search for a sewing tutorial, but I (initially) STAYED because the website is just gorgeous. As a web designer with an affinity for pretty, feminine things I just LOVED the attention to detail! The arrows, the buttons, the titles…SO CUTE!
      I actually read the post through Google Reader, but I come back from time to time just for the webdesign eye candy :)

    5. Laurie says:

      I happily took your survey.

    6. CoraD says:

      Survey taken – thank you!

    7. teresa says:

      all done. so simple! thank you!

    8. Amy says:

      Done! Hope it helps you out. :)

    9. Sarah Elder says:

      I filled out the survey!

    10. Melissa says:

      Took the survey :-)

    11. samarahuel says:

      Done! I love surveys…is that weird? It’s like a test that you know all the answers to! :)

    12. Julie Risner says:

      i filled out the survey! i hope the information helps out! keep up the good work, i love your blog!

    13. Allison says:

      consider it done! love your blog!

    14. marissa says:

      i took the survey and think it’s so cool you can do an entire survey monkey within your blog! :)

    15. Marykay says:

      I filled out your survey and love your blog!!

    16. Deb says:

      Done! Love your site!

    17. Heather C. says:

      I took the survey!

    18. Sarah says:

      hope that helps!

    19. Crystal says:

      I filled out the survey! Love your site.

    20. phil says:

      done :-)

    21. Erin says:

      I took the survey. Thanks!

    22. Stephanie says:

      I took the survey. Great bracelet!

    23. shalini says:

      Just completed the survey. And that’s a cool bracelet.

    24. Alexandra says:

      Done! and I love the bracelet!

    25. Sarah says:

      Hope my survey answers helped!

    26. maria says:

      filled out the survey, good questions, curious as to what you’re going to do with all the answers… hoop you’ll keep up the great work with ISLY!! x. Maria

    27. Kate says:

      I took the survey!! Love your blog! i would like to make one of my own.

    28. Tessa says:

      I filled it out! There was no other section so I thought I’d add here that one thing I really appreciate about your blog is that you’re really great about giving back to readers by posting downloads, etc.

    29. Virginia says:

      survey completed ?

    30. Lydia says:

      Completed survey.

    31. Lily says:

      took the survey! <3

    32. jen says:

      I just wanted to add that the survey and the site is often geared towards US readers, but i suspect there is many like me who are international!! Love your site! x

    33. Jenny says:

      I did it! It was super easy and that bracelet is super cute!

    34. Andrea says:

      I took the survey. Hope it helps, but I think the site already awesome. <3

    35. Susan says:

      I filled out the survey! It’s such a smart idea to poll your audience – thanks for keeping us in mind! Merry Christmas!

    36. Meredith says:

      Done! Love your site Melissa!

    37. nerr says:

      just did the survey. Love your site as it is, though! it’s already all kinds of awesome.

    38. Alie says:

      took the survey & love the bracelet!

    39. valentina says:

      Ho compilato il sondaggio!! E sono felice di aver scoperto questo sito!

    40. valentina says:

      ho compilato il sondaggio! Ciao a tutti!!

    41. Irene says:


    42. Amanda Holtzclaw says:

      I love your blog! It inspires me every time I visit. :)

    43. Amanda Holtzclaw says:

      And I took the survey! :)

    44. Dejah says:

      I filled out the survey.

    45. Emily says:

      I took the survey. Love that bracelet!

    46. Shelby says:

      Survey done!

    47. Kati says:

      I just rocked that survey! The only other thing I would say also, I just want more content of anything you do! I used to check everyday. :-) Looking forward to seeing your new place!

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