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You know it’s bad when your 4 year old asks if you’ve been crying all day. No, I just have giant bags under my eyes and no make up because I went to bed at 2am. Not the most brilliant planning on my part. Whatever, let’s keep things real.

Outfit details:

Aren’t these shoes adorable? Blowfish sent them to me last month. I packed them for our beach trip last month, they were perfect for milling around town. They’re perfectly beach-y, but still comfortable.

I’ve paired these fun kicks with unexpected prints, and with bright solids (below). I thought these would be a once-in-a-while shoe, but they’ve become more of a staple shoe for this summer.

(photo by Ashley Thalman Photography)

Congratulations to Laura T! Your shoes are on their way!

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    1. Katie says:

      I LOVE Blowfish shoes!! They are SO, SO comfy! I got my first pair this summer. They are tan flats and I LOVE to wear them with my green denim capris! ; )

    2. I LOVE the Nice shoes! :)

      My staples this summer have been capris made from clearance jeans in the short length (perfect to give this 5’11” girl some extra length)!

    3. meredith says:

      love blowfish! i have some really tall wedges from them and i wear them all the time because they’re so light and comfy. & my summer clothing staple this year has been some thrifted leather sandals.

    4. Erin R. says:

      I love the Ricky shoes. Tough call between the White Monet Flower and the Toffee Faux leather. My favorite summer staples are skirts and fitted tees. I have been looking for a cute pair of camel/toffee colored shoes to go with lots of them.

    5. Meghan Edge says:

      I love blowfish! I got a pair of their Gimmik shoes last year for a wedding I went to. I wore them for 13 hours and they NEVER HURT! Right now, my favorite pair from them is a toss up. I love the Lasso because, c’mon, cowboy boots and stars, but I also love the Tamala because they look like they’d become a summer staple. :-) My summer clothing staple is a sixties style shift dress and I feel like the Tamalas would punk that up a bit.

    6. Emily Haller says:

      I would choose the Nice shoes.. and I love all the colors so it would be hard to choose just one! My summer staples are dresses and sandals. I love that you don’t have to match anything when you wear a dress! :)

    7. Elaine says:

      I love Gavina in Ice Faux Suede. My summer staple right now is definitely my boyfriend denim shorts!

    8. Miranda says:

      So cute! I think I’d take those you’ve got! Or the terrabiza. Either would be a fun way to add a kick to my favorite summer uniform of a maxi skirt and chambray tee.

      Sweet giveaway Mel!

    9. Andrea Howe says:

      I actually quite like the Stila! They’re a great pair of flats and the open toe makes them feel a lot more summery to go along with shorts and sundresses.

    10. Priscilla P says:

      My favorite pair: Tush!
      Favorite summer clothing staple: midi skirts and loose tops :)

    11. Jenna says:

      I need the Smara’s in black and white stripes!

    12. Kate H says:

      I’ve had a pair or two of blowfish shoes and they are really comfy and wearable for any occasion! Looking today, I really like the orange flower nice style. they would go great with my staple for the summer: my jean shorts that are just the perfect length – right at my knee.

    13. Anna @ IHOD says:

      Melissa you are the cutest ever! Love the shoes you styled!
      I think I would live in the Louie. It would go with my summer staple…maxi skirts and dresses:) Chic, comfortable, and cool.
      Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    14. says:

      Thank you! I love the Samira. Flats are my go to summer item, mainly ballet flats. Work with dresses, shorts, capris, etc.

    15. Mandie says:

      I LOVE the red sadiki flats! Totally cute.

    16. Lindsay says:

      I adore the Banhi in black or tan. GAH. I can’t decide! They’re both lovely! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

    17. CupcakeCaliBride says:

      Oooh, how exciting to discover a new brand. I’m really loving the opentoed Sandbox flats! They’d be great with a little black sundress! (Okay, that might be the little black sundress I just bought talking, but you know…)

    18. Emily says:

      I like the gypsy and your styling. Skirts are my summer staple!

    19. Emily says:


    20. Ooh! I would have to have the Genny in red. It would go PERFECTLY with most of the vintage style dresses and summer skirts that I have made.

    21. Ashley says:

      My favorites are Sandbox, Gypsy, or Samira…my summer staple is definitely a few comfortable tshirt and sandles.

    22. Ella says:

      I really like the Naomi, and I have been looking for a pair of great black flats. I live in tank tops all summer. I have a million of them. I wear them to work with skirts and cardigans, with skinny jeans and cute flats on weekends, and with cut-offs at the beach.

    23. tanya says:

      Love blowfish shoes! they are perfect for wearing all day because they are comfortable. My favorite shoes from blowfish is the Timo in brown Belize blanket. My staple this summer has been sun dresses and these shoes would go great!

    24. ashlee says:

      That’s a tough one- I like the floral ricky, the rula and the genny

    25. Summer says:

      Plain cotton tank tops are my go to summer staple. I wear them under cardigans to work and with shorts all weekend.

    26. Dana says:

      Summer staple? Linen! Skirts, dresses, pants!

    27. Lindsay B. says:

      I love the Gypsy! Neutral and gives me height? Perfect! (also my cat is named Gypsy :) )

    28. Jaclyn says:

      I am loving the Lasso booties because they’re season-less and so fun!! I only wear skirts and dresses in the summer, usually lots of hippie skirts and ribbed tanks that would be fun with these booties!

    29. Sally b says:

      Love blowfish! I couldn’t do without plain white tees in the summertime. They are just so easy to style and deal with in the crazy humid heat here in the south. I think the Saleri slip-ons would be super cute with so many things in my closet! Love ’em!

      dogwoodlane (at) suddenlink (dot) net

    30. Slip says:

      The Terrabizas look so unique and would definitely be a statement piece. Sometimes a wedge heel can look blocky, but I like how these still look delicate on the foot. They would look cute with a little ruffle skirt and a tank top.

      I like wearing dresses and the summer is the perfect time for sundresses. Just one piece, slip them on and you’re on your way.

    31. ira lee henson says:

      i love blowfish!!! my faves are the bria’s!! i actually had a patient yesterday and she had those on! my summer staple- maxi dresses! im actually afraid i will be wearing these forever and look like the people still rocking the mullets- completely outdated and 100% ok with it!

    32. Kristen says:

      the Rulla’s look RIDICULOUS as in, AH-MAY-ZING! The nude ones would basically go with everything and then some! My favorite summer staple is any kind of dress that hits just above the knee, any neckline, sleeve length, color, pattern, etc.

    33. Virginia says:

      I love the simplicity of the Monicas — they would go great with my summer dresses that are definitely my summer staple.

    34. Tamara says:

      Love the Samira shoes! Floral shoes are so versatile.
      My favorite summer staple is a maxi skirt- I’ve bought three this summer and love them! Thanks for the giveaway!

    35. Heidi says:

      The Tilde wedges are super cute, I could see myself pairing them with everything.

      My favorite summer staple is a tank top. I’m pretty casual and our apartment is HOT HOT HOT so the cooler the clothing, the better!

    36. stephanie brocious says:

      The Warrant heels are so cute!

    37. kelly says:

      Hi! I love the Stila in pewter.
      My summer staple? A pop of color courtesy of bright bermuda shorts.

    38. jessica w says:

      I love the Rulla wedge! So cute, and I don’t have any wedges and they are soo in style right now

    39. Beth says:

      I could totally see myself wearing the Screamer. So super cute. My summer staple is tank tops and flip flops. Thanks and good luck everyone!

    40. bobbi Anderson says:

      i am to indecisive to decide now… but i have a pair of flats from blowfish id love to replace!!
      i have a laid back mommy style. trying to step it up a notch! i have a 5 and 19 month old: )

    41. Danie says:

      I love the Timo’s! My summer staple is a San Diego hat company sun hat. Wide brim for protection.

    42. Jen R says:

      My favorite is Rulla in red, and my fave summer staple is a dress! I live in dresses all summer (I very rarely put on pants or shorts!)

    43. Trice says:

      I really like the Stella

    44. Hi Melissa, it was good to see you last weekend, and thanks for breakfast! :)

      As for Blowfish, I have loved their stuff for a long time because they’re not afraid to make cute flats. You know I’m not a heel girl.

      I’d like the poppy-covered Samiras. So summery.

    45. Lauren says:

      I am digging the Baylee shoe – probably in natural canvas or red. It looks liked the heel is low enough that I could wear it around town and still be comfortable, but it is super cute! My summer staple are these cheap H&M tank tops that come in tons of colors. I pair one with just about everything.

    46. Ooh! I think I’d pick the black Landeria sandal. Nice and simple with a little bit of silver bling. And I live in skirts/dresses alllll summer long. It’s the best way to beat the heat.

    47. Heather HS says:

      Love the Tush sandals. They would be great with my greenish/khaki cargo skirt… I wear it all the time!

    48. Stephanie H says:

      I’d love to be able to get some cute strappy sandals! My summer staple is skirts and dresses. I can’t stand wearing pants or shorts when it’s hot out!

    49. Malinda says:

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE Blow Fish Shoes!! but their boots are the best!

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