Sewing: Handmade Robe


I just made myself a jersey robe. Oh how I love this robe! I’ve been prancing all around the house telling everyone about how much I love it. Yes, I’m acting like a 5 year old on Christmas day. I know. I’m nuts.


Good morning! I still wear my footed pajamas to bed, but this sure is nice to put on if I’m feeling a bit of a chill. It’s light-weight enough that I’m sure I’ll be donning this all the time during the warmer months, too. I used some fabric I scored from a destash via the Sewing Summit forums. This fabric was great to work with, it wanted to stick to itself, so I didn’t have to spend a whole lot of time pinning.


I used the pattern I made for my cardigan, but lengthened it so it would go past my knees. It turns out I had just enough fabric for it, too. Maybe a lightweight voile or crepe would be nice at a floor length?


I ran out of fabric for the sash, so I used some quilting cotton for the sash. It worked out nicely.


As hoped, it didn’t take as long to sew as the previous cardigan, but it still took about two hours to make. Not bad, considering I’ve had a terrible time finding a robe like this for ages!! Do you ever wear robes? Where have you found yours? I’m in love with the print on this one.

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    1. kristonlion says:

      I love robes! Yours is super cute-not frumpy like my old thing! I got it from Target a long time ago with one of my very first paychecks, haha! I should update! Thanks for sharing!

    2. Marcia says:

      Robe? I’d wear that to make a late-night grocery run with some cute flats! It’s kind of DVF for lounging… Love it!

    3. Cecilia says:

      I love your robe, so cute. I took the lazy way and recently bought this one and I love it.

    4. kelsey bang says:

      you are so cute and talented! I have never thought of a robe out of jersey and thats brillant! looks cozy!

    5. Good thing you ran out of fabric, that sash adds such a fantastically bright touch. Love it!

    6. Shawn Schumacher says:

      So cute I would wear in public!

    7. Emily says:

      If I had a robe that pretty I’d want to wear it too. :)

    8. Heidi says:

      I want a robe like this so badly! I can’t stand the heavy terrycloth or polyester styles, they just feel so…heavy. Like a coat. For some reason I never thought to make one. I like how yours turned out!
      Not like it happens all the time, but when someone knocks on the door and I’m still in my pjs, it just seems more appropriate to have a robe over it all. (Even if my pjs consist of a t-shirt and shorts…and always a sleep bra since I’m currently breast-feeding.) ;)

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