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Music: Varsity AV Music Line-Up


No thrifty post today, I’m just trying to clean and organize as much as I can.

I thought I’d give a shout out to the Varsity AV club. They’re putting on an electronic show at Muse in Provo tonight. It’s sure to be amazing.

My cousin just started the Varsity AV club a little bit ago, it’s a collaboration between him and several other music artists. They do some amazing things. If you’re in or near Provo tonight, you should come!

Handmade Paper Bag Skirt


I made two of these skirts a couple months ago. The first one was for my sister’s birthday present and after I made hers; I was a bit envious. I had to make one for me! The hem (unpictured) was just a satin stitch all the way around. I had to be pretty careful sewing the satin stitch, but I think it still was faster than if I had done a traditional hem.

Also, the fabric is completely sheer, so I doubled it up. I like how the stripes move & play with each other since the fabric is so transparent.

I made this skirt exactly how I made my Easter skirt. It was super simple & took about 30 minutes to make from beginning to end.

This skirt is a very unexpected color pallette for my wardrobe. I’m not entirely sure what drew me to the fabric, perhaps it was my subconscious telling me that I needed something different in my wardrobe. I bought the  fabric on clearance at Walmart (gasp) for $1 a yard. I made two skirts for $2. Not including my time, I can’t even find skirts at my local DI for that little.

This outfit cost under $10, see outfit details here.

This weekend we partied in Provo & listened to my cousin perform. He’s fantastic. Their band is fantastic. I was impressed by James’s percussive skills on the Ableton pads & the lead singer’s vocals. Here’s a little clip of some video I took at the show. And, yes, I’m totally having a blast playing around with my new camera.

Soft Science on FacebookSoft Science on Twitter

Music, Fonts, Etc


Last night Chris & I celebrated our anniversary by going out to a nice dinner, watching the newest Harry Potter & getting away to Park City for the night. It was SO WONDERFUL to have a night and morning where we didn’t have to go anywhere, do anything or take care of anyone. We haven’t skipped town, just the two of us, since we went to Brazil in 2007.

That said, I haven’t made or done anything today, but I wanted to share a couple of things with you:

(James & Penelope are best friends – I took this sometime in 2009)

First, we named Penelope after a Pinback song. It’s a sweet song about a fish. My cousin remixed the song & put it up for your listening pleasure right here. He’s getting really good at the whole remix thing & this one sounds fabulous. He just joined Soft Science, a band out of Provo. They’ll be performing at Velour tomorrow night, if you’re wanting to support. We’ll be there, too!

(Isn’t James‘ lettering beautiful?)

Second: as a follow up to my Recycled: Fonts post, I just wanted to give you a heads up about a FABULOUS type site: Lost Type. I can’t remember how I found it – Pinterest, perhaps? But it’s incredibly designed & curated; y’all should go & download every typeface they have available. It’s the first pay-what-you-want Type Foundry, that offers gorgeous typefaces for the price you can afford. You can obviously download everything for free, but I encourage you to give these budding typists support, even if it’s a couple of bucks!! All donations go directly to the artists. My favorites are: Quaver, Duke, Tommaso and Nelma. What are yours?

Third: I’m currently enjoying my new favorite addiction: black licorice out of Finland. The lovely lady of Scissors & Spice sent me a package of that devilishly amazing black licorice. I can’t get enough, but I’m being good & only allowing myself a small piece at a time. It’s gotta last! Speaking of type; her husband, who works at House Industries, hand lettered the package she sent me. Pretty custom lettering always puts a smile on my face. So does delicious candy.

Thrifty & Chic: Sunday Best


Chris rolls his eyes every time I buy a new dress, but I just can’t help myself. I love dresses!

earrings: Payless (won from a Chronicle Books giveaway)
necklace: DownEast $6
cardigan: the ModBod (free)
belt: dunno
dress: thrifted $6
shoes: thrifted $3

total: $15

Not bad, right? I found this pretty dress at a thrift store in Phoenix a couple weeks ago. I. LOVE. IT. It’s completely see-through so I have to wear a mega slip and an undershirt underneath it, but it’s totally worth it. I love the slightly irregular vertical stripes and the gorgeous (and possibly slightly kitschy) roses on the top & bottom. You can’t tell from the picture, but the super short cap sleeves give the shoulders a more boxy look when worn plain. Shoulders are so hot right now.

How was your weekend? Chris and I went to see Miike Snow in concert this weekend. It was awesome! They really know how to put on a good show. Everyone was singing and grooving along to their super hip dancy beats. We were incredibly lucky and ended up in the very front, less than 5 feet away from the lead singer. It wasn’t so cool when a bunch of drunk girls were trying to push us out of the way to take our spots, but Chris dominated with all of his 212 lbs of muscle. It was so funny to see how hard they tried. One of them probably played powder puff in high school because she was trying all sorts of football tackling moves. Silly drunk girls. My husband is bigger than you. So there.

We also bought tickets to go see Yeasayer on the 23rd. I’m SO excited for that one, too! I’m practicing my uber cool dance moves already. If you’re not familiar with Yeasayer, you NEED to go watch this video RIGHT NOW. Just try not to dance. You’ll find it completely impossible.

What did you do this weekend? Find any cool deals? Dance like a maniac? Craft like a crazy person? Do tell.

Five Months & Junior Boys



Penelope, this is the first time I’ve actually posted ON your actual birthday! I’m so proud of myself. Usually I forget about these things. Thanks for being an adorable and sweet baby. Chris and I love you more and more everyday. It’s hard not to when you’re just so adorable.

You’re such a great sleeper. Thank you. I can’t tell you enough. I don’t think I would have survived these last 5 months without so many good nights of rest. Honestly, your sleep keeps my doppelganger away. Thank you.

Thanks for being such a happy girl! Chris and I get so greedy over your smiles and laughs. Sometimes Daddy wins, and sometimes I’m the lucky one winning those precious treats. You’re really sweet to us.

Your daddy and I just love to see how much you can do. You grow so much every day. We love seeing you play with your toes and we also love to count your rolls.

Love you, Nells bells. Happy five months.

.   .   .

It’s so cute to see Penelope’s eyes light up when we start dancing Counting Souvenirs by Junior boys; we both love it. If you see me dancing like a lyrical maniac through my window, you’ll know why.

I enjoy the music video, however it does get a little too literal towards the end when the character starts counting his spoils. Weird. Enjoy.

Note: the record that he swipes is the Junior Boys single “In the Morning”, also a good song.

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