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Refashion Fail – Mostly


My internet pal Laura sent me a few seriously awesome gems to refashion a few weeks ago. This is the first of them. I love the stripes and the placket (Funny enough, Hello Holiday has something similar in stock). I also liked the mix of horizontal and vertical stripes.  They’re not nearly as dizzying in person, FYI. […]

Mini Trousers to Skirt Refashion


While at the Sewing Summit Thrift hop, Carrie came across these adorable pants and suggested I get them for Penelope. It was a no brainer. Especially at a whopping $3. They were about 3 sizes too big to keep as pants, so I made them into a skirt. And I did this in about 20 […]

Refashion Swap Results


The pants Carrie made for me arrived on Saturday. I have to admit, the elastic cuffed pants sorta scared me a bit, but I’m always willing to give something new a try. The fit around my waist is perfect. even through the thighs. I think I might take them in a bit around the knees […]

Trouser Refashion Swap + Tutorial


Another refashion swap is underway! The first swap was with button-up tops, it was so great to see the fun things that everyone made for one another. I’m equally excited about this go around. The idea with this Refashion Swap is to make something out of trousers. Interesting thing, Chris was about to throw away […]

Refashioned: Penelope’s Soccer Uniform


When we heard a group of kids Penelope’s age in our new neighborhood were getting on a soccer league we didn’t think twice and signed her up. Chris always wanted to be on a league growing up, but between Phoenix Boy’s Choir and music lessons it didn’t happen. I was never interested in team sports. […]

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