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Thrifty & Chic: Gold Mirror


Today I finally took the poor toilet paper lamp to the D.I.. It’s been sitting either in our garage or the trunk of our car for over the last month. Last night, Chris told me that, “If you don’t take care of that by the time I get back (from his trip), you’re going to be in serious trouble.” I do as I’m told.


Of course, no drop off at D.I. is complete without strolling the ailes afterward. I found quite a few goodies there. Among them was the above mirror. I’ve been looking for a mirror like this for ages! I was so excited to come across this sweet mirror. I was really hoping to find a full-length mirror similar to this, but this will most certainly do! Especially for $1.50.


I’ll take it! I’ve been going back & forth about where to hang this old painting of mine – as it only seems appropriate for Halloween season, but I kinda like it here. In our bedroom. Isn’t there some Postal Service song that mentions Skeletons?

Have you found any screaming deals lately? You guys shared some great finds! Vicki found a Fuji Instamax for $2. Janet scored a bunch of killer deals (my favorite being the dress at the bottom of the post). Laura found the most adorable yellow quilted floral pillows. Rachel scored a KILLER perforated leather Dooney & Burke purse (probably last week’s fave share).

Please share in the comments! Links to your own blog posts are great, even encouraged! Just please make sure they’re in the spirit of Thrifty & Chic.

Thrifty & Chic: A New Headboard


I was sad to see our old headboard go, but it just didn’t fit our new place. I knew it’d be nearly impossible to find another headboard similar & for $8 (I know, it was a major steal), but I kept my eyes peeled anyway. I didn’t end up with an upholstered headboard, but I am happy with what I did find.


We also replaced our bedding. I love the rusty orange color of this quilt, but truly Chris & I can’t stand it. It’s scratchy & catches on even the softest of skin. I can’t rub my hands along the quilt without cringing. It’s like nails on a chalkboard. So now I’m patiently awaiting the arrival of this beauty (discovered via AnnilyGreen).

Apparently the couple I bought this headboard from had just refinished it, but then updated their home & bought new furniture to match. It’s a gorgeous hard wood headboard in perfect condition. I got it for $40! I’m extremely happy with it. The projector part of me wants to get some leather & make an upholstered insert. I don’t imagine it would be too difficult to attach something like that, but I probably won’t get around to doing that project for some time. As it is, I have yet to stain our new dresser, stain our new music stool or add the finishing touches to our handmade table.

One project at a time, Melissa. ONE project at a time.


On another note, Penelope thinks she’s invisible with her blanket over her head. Right after I bought this headboard (a few weeks ago) she was supposed to be napping in her room, but instead wandered the house with the blanket atop her head. She was supposed to get a time out for wandering out of her room during nap-time/quiet-time, but I was a softie. I thought she was being too cute for a time out.

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