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Style: Mixing & Matching


This post is brought to you by Blowfish Shoes. Style your life with everything but the ordinary.

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You know it’s bad when your 4 year old asks if you’ve been crying all day. No, I just have giant bags under my eyes and no make up because I went to bed at 2am. Not the most brilliant planning on my part. Whatever, let’s keep things real.

Outfit details:

Aren’t these shoes adorable? Blowfish sent them to me last month. I packed them for our beach trip last month, they were perfect for milling around town. They’re perfectly beach-y, but still comfortable.

I’ve paired these fun kicks with unexpected prints, and with bright solids (below). I thought these would be a once-in-a-while shoe, but they’ve become more of a staple shoe for this summer.

(photo by Ashley Thalman Photography)

Congratulations to Laura T! Your shoes are on their way!

Refashion: Winter to Summer Clothes


While at a blogging event (Apricot Lane) a few weeks back, I scoured the clearance section (as I always do) to see if there were any fun pieces. And I was lucky enough to find long-sleeve midi sheath dresses for $9 each. I bought two; one in charcoal grey the other in an ashy brown. It was obvious these were meant for fall and winter, but I quickly saw how easy it would be to transform those dresses into something a more seasonably versatile.

I haven’t done a thing to the grey one, although I might shorten the sleeves on that one. The ashy brown one fit well, but the color looked terrible on my lifeless pale skin. I dyed it a deep purple, really the perfect color for all seasons. I could pair it with browns for fall, blacks for winter and bright hues for spring and summer. The dye job didn’t turn out as solid as I would’ve liked. I think it might be related to the fact that I didn’t wash the new dress before dyeing. It’s almost uniform like a tie-dye, but it’ll be interesting to see if it will even out with wear.

I shortened the sleeves and in an attempt to bring up the hemline of the dress, I added three pleats across the chest.

The pleats were trickier than it might seem. I had to be very particular with measuring and steaming in order to get all of the seams straight, and I needed a stretchy straight stitch. I found that the stitch with three stitches like this: ||| worked out the best.

This dress is perfect underneath my shear tops. I love that I can wear it plain, under crop tops or shear tops.

Outfit details:

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