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New Friends & Cool Art


Artist 1

Gajin Fujita

Robert Longo & Chuck Close

Robert Longo (who inspired THIS cool music video) & Chuck Close


Cornelia Parker

Alexander Calder & Josiah McElhenyAlexander Calder & Josiah McElheny

Medieval FashionMedieval Fashion Exhibit (my personal favorite)

We went to the Phoenix Art Museum last week with some hip new friends, Angela & Clint, who we met through blog “lurking”. Our social life owes a lot to the internet, seriously! We had a great time getting to know each other and I loved seeing new artists and some that I’d only experienced through text books. It truly was remarkable to see a Chuck Close in person. I also let out a huge squeal when I saw Deborah Butterfield’s and Josiah McElheny’s work on display.

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