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Sewing: Color Blocked V-Neck


Here’s another bit of fabric I picked up while at JoAnn. All of their fashion line fabrics were something like 30% off, and I have been eyeing this print for some time, so I went for it. Unfortunately/fortunately, I didn’t buy enough fabric. I only got a yard, which would not be enough to accommodate long sleeves, so I got creative.


I had plenty of leftovers from this skirt I made, and it just so happened to be the same type and weight of fabric I was able to make it work. It’s comfortable, light-weight and springy. For some reason, though, it still reminds me of a golf shirt. Perhaps it’sĀ reminiscentĀ of a vest and shirt underneath? Still. I love it.


I got clever with the back and pieced it, the top is just plain and about an inch below the bust line, I have a seam with a pleat at the middle of the back. Since this particular fabric can be a bit clingy in the wrong way, this turned out to be a great detail. To make this back detail look right, I had to make the top boxier and I added length to the back compared to the front.

I used the same pattern for this tee as I did with the previous color blocked tee. It was fairly quick to sew up, but I noticed that the construction was different (lots more pinning) due to the type of fabric I was working with here.

Outfit Details:

My sewing confidence has definitely gone up in the last couple of months, which is perfect timing. I’m gearing up for some really fun handmade outfits for Easter Sunday. Let’s hope I can keep this sewing confidence up until I finish those projects.

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