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Procrastination & Anxiety


Yesterday was all about procrastinating finishing my Project Run & Play entry. I might be getting a little burned out by the competition. Or perhaps my disheveled house is catching up to me. Seriously, I believe I did 10 loads of laundry yesterday.

The lighting was just perfect yesterday while I was working on this week’s sewing project, I couldn’t help but snap a few candids of Felix. He’s really starting to move around a lot more. It was a fight to get him to stay in one place, but that’s a problem I’m happy to have!

He’s been practically stationery until this last month. And he’s 14 months old. Felix and I are working really hard at getting him up to speed and he’s responding really well to the physical therapy. It wears us both out, but it’s so exciting to see him growing. I can’t help but worry that his delayed physical development is all my fault.

I feel a lot of guilt surrounding his growth. I’m sure I’m not the only mother who has anxiety about this. I can’t help but asking: Am I playing with him enough? Am I molly-coddling him too much or not enough? Is he getting the right nutrition he needs? Will he be an independent child as he grows older? Are my “extra-curricular” projects holding him back? Or is he just one of those kids who does things on his own timeline?

Oh please, God, let it be the latter.

I am one lucky mama to have my incredibly sweet, beautiful, healthy children; Penelope and Felix. I really do thank God every day for being blessed with them in our little family. I would be nothing without them.

Thrifty: Striped Tees


I found these striped tees for Felix about 2 months ago and have been meaning to share them with you for some time. I’ve been waiting to shoot them when I have them all clean at the same time, but alas, they’re in such tight rotation it never happens.

These shirts were part of a huge thrift store haul, none of them were more than $2 each. Someone must have donated an entire boy’s wardrobe from the eighties earlier that day. It’s so hard to shop/make clothes for boys. I’m just not that creative with boy’s clothes, anyway.

Two of these shirts are Healthtex. When I showed them to my mother-in-law she said something to the effect that that brand was one of her favorites. I can see why. They’re really high-quality tees. Healthtex still exists, but you can find vintage healthtex all over etsy. Here’s a little list of my favorites while browsing the listings: Primary Striped Shirt • Striped Hoodie •  Train Jacket • Plaid Seersucker Dress • Pink Striped Dress • Velour Striped Sweater • Striped Polo

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun or find any sweet thrifty finds? Fill me in, in the comments below!

Felix’s First Birthday


We kept Felix’s birthday celebrations really low key, just like I did with Penelope’s. Interestingly enough, we’re in a similar work situation for Felix’s first birthday as we were for Penelope’s first birthday. Except, we didn’t have to move 800 miles.

I had originally planned on doing a monkey theme, but that quickly changed to a bear/brown/red theme. Next year we’ll do monkeys. I sent out the above invitation via facebook and called it good.

I made chocolate cookies and chocolate cupcakes with sour cherry frosting. We had a little frosting station for friends and family to decorate their own cookies. I made my sisters-in-law blow up balloons and Shelley make the “I’m with adorable.” sign. I’d say I did a pretty good job of delegating party tasks, since I never delegate when I need to.

Felix had just eaten beets. His favorite food. I think he was pretty excited for the festivities to begin.

He was so funny! At first he didn’t know what to do with the cupcake on his tray. As soon as we fed him a couple bites, he was all over that thing. He even cried for another one just after he had finished his first. This little boy is just too cute for words.

I had planned on doing a little photo booth with Felix in the middle, but this was the only shot I managed to take of felix and family. My sister-in-law, Shelley, is on the left and my sister, Emily, is on the right.

I snapped this photo just after they left. He sure loves getting lots of attention. We had a great time getting together. It also just so happened that my Mother-in-law and my youngest sister-in-law were in town for the weekend, so having them around made the festivities extra special.

I made sure to record the cupcake carnage at his party and I’ve edited it down from 25 minutes to 2 and a half minutes. This video is mostly for my mom and dad who didn’t get to enjoy his big moment, but I thought y’all might get a kick out of it as well.

Felix went in for his one year appointment yesterday and he’s doing really well. He’s 99th percentile in head size and 60th percentile in weight and height. His head is really holding him back with a lot of his physical milestones (crawling, sitting, walking, standing). He just can’t balance with that giant head on his shoulders. We’ll have to take him into a physical therapist, but that shouldn’t be too bad. As any parent, I’m really eager to see him get up and move, but I am enjoying all of the cuddles and quiet time we’re having in the mean time. Felix really is the best baby. Ever. Happy Birthday, Feli-monster!


Feli-Monster Update


I sure hope that when Felix gets older, he doesn’t feel like the red-headed step-child because of lack of photos. By this time in Penelope’s life, I think I’d taken about 1500 photos of her at that point. Not all of them good (I was still figuring out my camera then). But still. I’ve only made one outfit for Felix, too. One that I probably won’t share. Is it because he’s the second? Is it because boy crafts are harder to dream up? Or is it because we found out we were moving when he was not quite 8 months old? I’m thinking the combination of all three are more likely the explanation.

When does he not have his tongue sticking out?

The above pictures are straight out of the camera: 1250ISO, f/4, 1/80

I pulled out my camera yesteraday for some sweet pictures of Felix while Penelope was enjoying her “quiet time”. He’s becoming more & more mobile these days which is both exciting and devastating. I like my chubby bump on a log, but it’s so fun to see him grow & change. He’s still nowhere near sitting up by himself though. That behemoth head of his & his lack of motivation has really held him back. He’s still an excellent cuddler & I’m loving every minute of it. I’ll be so sad to see that phase go.

This picture is straight out of the camera: 2500ISO, f/3.5, 1/100

Felix is such a charmer. He loves any attention that’s thrown his way! See him “crawl” in the video below.

I love you baby Felix. You’re my favorite son ever.

Thrifty & Chic: Grandpa Sweaters


Ever since I found out I was having a boy, I’ve been on the look out for little handmade sweaters for Felix. My cousin-in-law has made a few for Felix, but can one ever have enough sweaters?!? No.

I don’t remember which DI I found this at, but I do remember squealing with delight upon finding it! Handmade sweaters are paI LOVE the color combination and the pattern on the edges. I’m almost 100% sure that this is handmade, there are no tags identifying that it’s not and you can see (if you look carefully) where the yarn starts & stops.

I scored this beauty for $2. Of course the baby was a little more than that. I love his smiley angry face. This little boy has me wrapped around his little fingers.

Have I mentioned that he’s a chunk? Yesterday I had to take Penelope to the doc’s office & we parked in the absolute worst place ever. I ended up carrying Felix in his carrier (nearly 30lbs combined) in one arm & Penelope (35 lbs) in the other for at least a quarter mile. Yeah, yeah, that’s notthat far, BUT I was in semi-uncomfortable wedges hauling 60lbs of kid through gravel! It was enough to get me swearing. I have arm bruises from Felix’s carrier to prove it.

SO, it’s been a while since we’ve done a Thrifty & Chic. What great deals have you scored lately? Please share (with links!) in the comments! ALSOif you’re lucky enough to be going to Sewing Summit in SLC this October, I’m heading up a special thrift shopping excursion for attendees. Come thrift shopping with me & score some sweet vintage/thrifty items from one-of-a-kind shops! Many of the stores we’ll be hitting up will be offering attendees exclusive discounts. HOT. You going?!?


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