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Coasters in a Snap!


My sister-in-law made me a masking tape coaster. It’s awesome, and it has my name on it. I’ve been seeing rainbow Japanese masking tape all over the internets and thought, wouldn’t it be neat to make a coaster in every color and serve  orange soda and rainbow cake?


Then, tonight, since I left the tapey coaster at the in-laws (oops. blerg!) I decided to make some of my own. Disposable coasters from discarded (and absolutely adorable) wallpaper are a snap and super smart. I’m getting really excited to decorate for Penelope’s first birthday party that’s coming up!!


Also, instead of using regular cups for dinner, it was FAR more fun to use old food jars. All you need to do is drill a hole in the top of the jar, sand off the rough edges and you’re ready to rock an roll without spilling your drink! I think this will work great when Penelope gets old enough to start using cups. The idea was inspired by’s article on daisy cutout mason jars. Aren’t those daisy lids just adorable?!?

Will you be my Valentine?


Christopher is banned from my blog from today until Valentines, mostly because I’m too excited about his Valentine to wait. So if you read this, DON’T talk to Chris about it. He already knows too much.

I got this genius idea from a friend [although, she didn’t know it] who signed off an email with “the Tiddly Winkels”. It reminded me how much I love the nearly skill-less, almost pointless game of Tiddlywinks. I’m sure there’s skill involved, I just don’t have any. I got to thinking; revamping my old Tiddlywinks game would be PERFECT. The box was missing, no instructions, just the winks, mats and pot were left. I made the box, added an additional area for winks to land [the handhold, lobsters*, footsies and hugs areas], cut out [and embroidered a little heart] pink mats and made it all lovey-dovey.

valentines tiddlywinks 1

Here’s the genius of the game: you can make it whatever you want! You hit the winks into the pot to get points, add up the points for a kiss, lobsters, whatever. And, the scorecard I made, is fill in the blank, so at the beginning of each game the players can decide what action would occur at what points. Sweet? or Saucy? I have yet to play the game with Chris, so I don’t know how well it’ll work. I’ll report back as soon as I find out. You know what else I did? I made a free downloadable PDF for anyone else who wants to play this imaginative, couple’s game. Download HERE.

valentines tiddlywinks 2


valentines tiddlywinks 4

I think it all turned out pretty nicely. I just entered it into a Craftzine V-day contest, so wish me luck!! By the way, did you hear Craft will no longer be in print? Bummer. At least they’ll keep the website going [unlike domino :( Blerg ].

*Lobsters are what Chris and I call backrubs. Don’t ask me why, but we like it that way.

*ALSO, I thought I was being all cute with a little tag saying “will you be my tiddlywink?” I just went on urbandictionary and looked up the term tiddlywink. LAME. LAME. LAME. I probably shouldn’t have entered those photos on the contest page. BLAST you awful slang!! Why do you have to ruin ALL of my fun?!? BLERG. I guess I’m going to have to re-shoot the box tomorrow, minus the inuendo.

12 Days of Valentines: 3 Toilets

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Dear Valentine,                                           

This girl was very cute. Now she’s 105 years

old and can’t walk to the toilet by herself. 



12 Days of Valentines: 2 Golden Awards



Oh Dearest Melissa,

You win the Golden Award for best wife.



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