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Easy Ink Transfers Tutorial


I was on Studio 5 yesterday sharing a few printmaking tutorials for easy Halloween DIYing with friends or kids! See the segment here.

As featured in the segment, here’s another printmaking idea for you perfect for the upcoming spooky season, or really any time of year.


I love how these ink transfers are grainy, organic and grungy. The grunge is really fun for this season.

We used to make these kinds of prints all the time in college. I did basically an entire series with oil ink transfers. See my circle series circa 2005.

Grungy Ink Transfer Tutorial



  • ink (water soluble is best)
  • paper
  • pencil
  • brayer
  • acrylic printing plate

Note: you can use acrylic ink (the kinds that comes in tubes, not bottles) or oil paint for this technique!


Easy DIY Holiday Banner Tutorial


I whine and complain all the time about not having any holiday decorations. It’s all my fault for not having anything when the holiday seasons roll around. All my fault. I’m crafty, right? Why can’t I take a few minutes and make something?


A few weeks ago I organized all of my holiday gear in boxes (a first!) so now it’s time to invest in some fun decor to fill those boxes.

Today I’m sharing with you an updated tutorial from days of yore and a way to jazz it up for the holidays.

Styrofoam Prints DIY



  • pencil
  • styrofoam sheets (or plates with the edges cut off)
  • craft paint or block printing ink (water soluble is best)
  • acrylic plate
  • brayer
  • bone folder


Printmaking & the State of Affairs


Last weekend we had a neighborhood party & I was in charge of coming up with an activity to do with the older elementary aged kids that were going. We had a fish pond with prizes for the little ones (the older ones could participate, too) so I thought I’d do something that could apply to both the young & the older kids: styrofoam printmaking.

I did a tutorial on this a while back & I use it every once in a while. It’s an easy, low-cost, low-commitment craft that’s perfect for any age from 3+. It was a huge success & I just loved what these creative kiddos did! They’re so inspiring. I’m really feeling the urge to do some oil painting & printmaking.

I like posting these kinds of pictures (above) every once in a while. Come on, how many people actually keep their studios clean & magazine ready?? I sure don’t. I’m cooking up 4 projects simultaneously, so there’s more crud around the room than usual. Let’s keep it real around here; I’m a messy, messy person & I clean up pretty much only when I know visitors are coming. Do you do that? Chris doesn’t. He’s naturally super clean & organized. I’m going to brag: just last night he mopped the floors & did all the dishes while I was at my cousin’s bridal shower. I hadn’t touched the dishes since we got back from Phoenix last Thursday. That’s what sweet nothings are for, right?

Currently, I’ve got some calligraphy, mending, decorating, designing, cleaning, leather crafting & refashioning to do. I will be so proud of myself if I get it finished in the next week.

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