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Handmade Christmas II


Em, Marc, if you haven’t opened your presents yet, READ NO FURTHER!!


My brother-in-law is a huge Steelers fan, and when I saw him wearing my sister’s apron for grilling, I thought he could use his own, manly, butcher-style apron. Hope it’s the right size.

Emily said she wanted something that was fun that she could use everyday, so I made her a reusable grocery bag big enough to hold a gallon of milk, loaf of bread, eggs, cheese and some fruits and veggies. I also made her this lovely hair clip. It looks awkward on me because my hair is short; Emily has longer, pretty hair that she knows how to do very well.

I made Ayden this awesome winter hat which is just so fuzzy and soft, hopefully he’ll be able to keep it on his head for his wintery walks with GG. It sure looked cute on Penelope. She kind of looks like a boy in this picture. A little.

I was pretty sneaky with this one. My dad had mentioned the idea of buying her a new ipod, since her old one holds its charge for 20 minutes (sorry mom), so I made her the case. Simple, but useful.

I think [not sure] that Linda suggested I make recipe cards for her for Christmas. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, except the fact that they’re not letterpressed [not enough time]. The printing still turned out great. Want these recipe cards for yourself? Download the pdf here. I also gave her the gift of blogging. An Esplin family blog.

Christmas was wonderful and I was truly spoiled. Hope you had a great one, too.

If you’d like a tutorial on any of these things let me know, comment or email.

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