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Have an Honorable Valentine’s Day!


I just spent the last three minutes jumping up and down in my livingroom. Chris didn’t really know why.

“Craftzine. . . Honorable Mention. . . Contest. . . Tiddlywinks!!!!!!!”

Chris just had to come over to the computer to really make sense of my excitement. Happy V-day everyone.

12 Days of Valentines: I LOVE YOU



Dear Valentine,

I love you. Period.



I know you do. I love you, too.

Thank you for the sweet, sweet Valentine notes this year!! You’re my favoritest of them all.

Early Morning Scam. Uhh… I Mean Surprise


While lying in bed deciding if I should get up or not (it was like 9am), there was a loud knock on the door. Chris and I are hyper-paranoid of random knocks on the door, because a) we don’t like solicitors AT ALL and b) we have recently been victims of credit card fraud. So, when I open the door, my first thought was:

Close the door! She’s trying to sell something!

All she asked for was my signature, THEN I’m thinking:

If I scribble it and she decides to use my signature for fraud, I’ll totally know. YES.

Then handed me a large gift bag and left.

WHAT the. . .

I opened the card to find out my parents had sent me chocolate dipped strawerries. For Valentine’s day. Thanks Mom & Dad. Chris and I had a great breakfast this morning. Penelope enjoyed them, too.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

12 days of Valentines: A Flame of Love

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11 torch

Dear Valentine,

The sparks

from your welding

torch blind me.



NO. The sparks from YOUR torch blind me. It’s funny that over the last few years we’ve switched roles. You brandishing the torch, and me watching with fire extinguisher in hand. I guess we’ve finally settled into our gender roles.

12 Days of Valentines: Let’s Agree



Dear Valentine,

Don’t worry. I won’t divorce you.

Let’s NOT get a divorce.



Agreed. 100% agreed. I love you way too much. I love you. I love you.

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