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Sewing Style: Comfort and Joy


Since having June over 2 1/2 months ago, I’ve been obsessing over the joggers and over-sized sweaters. Part of it is because the 90s is in full swing and I’m embracing it whole-heartedly and the other reason is that it’s just SOOOO much more comfortable than wearing real pants.

I mean, come on. When given the option to wear elasticized joggers/leggings or wearing poorly fitting pre-pregnancy pants, one is always going to go for the most amount of elastic. Let’s be real here, my pants only fit when I’m fastening them with an extra bit of elastic (like this).

This oversized sweater from White Plum is a postpartum must-have. The heart graphic, boat neck and long length give it some great style while still feeling like pajamas. I’ll wear out this sweater before the winter is through.

I’ve had this tribal-esque sweater knit for nearly a year, in the hopes to make a pair of joggers. After obsessing over the hudson pant by True Bias, I just had to make myself a pair. I ended up making two. One out of this knit and the other out of a light-weight  chambray. I can’t wait to share that with you soon. I LOVE THEM!

It’s been MONTHS since I’ve had the time to sew anything and GOSHDARNIT I miss it terribly! This week I’ve made myself two pairs of pants and a top. I don’t want to stop! I’ve got more plans for baby clothes (lots of friends and family with new baby girls, I can’t help myself), I just need to square away some time. These pants were made instead of sleeping. I was up until 4am putting on the finishing touches to my new pants: hence the grainy photos and tired look.

Seriously, this is an outfit I plan on throwing on often. I’ve been utterly slammed with family things and work this last month, so I’ve rarely been able to get out of my pajamas. These pieces are effortless and fun. Perfect for those pajama days, but without looking like a disheveled mess (because my pajamas aren’t cute).

Outfit details:

  • sweater: c/o White Plum (get 25% off your order through 12/25 with code LOVEYOUHOLIDAY25)
  • scarf: gift
  • earrings: gift
  • jacket: Forever 21
  • joggers: handmade, pattern c/o True Bias
  • shoes: JCPenney (I know, right?!?)


Sewing: Color Blocked V-Neck


Here’s another bit of fabric I picked up while at JoAnn. All of their fashion line fabrics were something like 30% off, and I have been eyeing this print for some time, so I went for it. Unfortunately/fortunately, I didn’t buy enough fabric. I only got a yard, which would not be enough to accommodate long sleeves, so I got creative.


I had plenty of leftovers from this skirt I made, and it just so happened to be the same type and weight of fabric I was able to make it work. It’s comfortable, light-weight and springy. For some reason, though, it still reminds me of a golf shirt. Perhaps it’s reminiscent of a vest and shirt underneath? Still. I love it.


I got clever with the back and pieced it, the top is just plain and about an inch below the bust line, I have a seam with a pleat at the middle of the back. Since this particular fabric can be a bit clingy in the wrong way, this turned out to be a great detail. To make this back detail look right, I had to make the top boxier and I added length to the back compared to the front.

I used the same pattern for this tee as I did with the previous color blocked tee. It was fairly quick to sew up, but I noticed that the construction was different (lots more pinning) due to the type of fabric I was working with here.

Outfit Details:

My sewing confidence has definitely gone up in the last couple of months, which is perfect timing. I’m gearing up for some really fun handmade outfits for Easter Sunday. Let’s hope I can keep this sewing confidence up until I finish those projects.

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