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ISLY Business Cards


Just finished my business cards! It’s been a good 5 months since I’ve had up-to-date business cards and now I do. I’m excited to finally have some business cards I’m proud of giving away.

It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do. I wanted something nice & thick, but didn’t have the budget to have them letterpressed. I have had my heart set on a 300 GSM paper, but unfortunately no digital printer (aka the cheapest form of printing) will print anything thicker than standard card stock. Most printers won’t even print on uncoated paper, which is also what I’ve been looking for.

Instead of getting them printed, I decided to get stamps made & stamp on the paper of my choice. I found a Stratton Bristol 4-ply paper (SO THICK!) at my local art store & cut that up. I’m SO happy with how these cards feel. They’re soft, smooth, thick & ultimately delicious. Paper can be delicious. This stuff is.

I kept my information as simple as possible to keep the stamp up to date as long as possible. I think this will last me a while. Nice thing is, I can stamp my info on ANY surface (hello wood biz cards!) in ANY color. I did my standard & cut out I Still Love You stickers, but instead of putting it all inside an envelope, I totally copied Nikki’s idea (pretty sure the thought of stamping my design was also inspired by Nikki) & used washi tape (can be found here) to attach them to the back of the business card.

I’m excited to pass these out this weekend!

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