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Cool Kid


I feel like such a cool kid with my stack of bracelets.

  • scarf: H&M
  • sweater: Shade
  • top: Shade
  • bracelet: handmade
  • denim: H&M
  • boots: thrifted

Motherly Instincts


We’ve all been under the weather around here. It’s a real bummer, especially for little baby Felix. Just after taking these photos Felix started whining a bit. Very much NOT like him. Something didn’t feel right and indeed something was not right. The poor guy has Bronchiolitis (we find out if it’s caused by RSV tomorrow) and double ear infections. We spent about 6 hours out between the pediatrician & the hospital. Poor guy had to get junk sucked from his chest. On the bright side, I had a very comfy outfit for all of the waiting around with Felix. Poor kiddo.

  • top: hand-me-down + refashioned
  • bottoms: H&M
  • boots: thrifted


Chris thinks this pose is hilarious. Agreed.

Nerdy Black Glasses


I wasn’t entirely sure I’d like these glasses much at all. They seem a lot bigger than my other nerdy glasses. After half a day of wearing them, I’m totally sold. Love em.

My Love Affair with Boots

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Firstly, it’s amazing what a $5 white curtain can do for evening out lighting. Secondly, I love my glamping boots. I’ve worn them countless times this winter.

sweater: Wet Seal (nearly 10 years ago)

red jeans: H&M

boots: thrifted

NO makeup.

Hip Winter Glamping Boots


Talk about high & low. You never thought Anthro could be in the same outfit as Walmart, but think again.

  • sweater: thrifted
  • shirt: Anthropologie
  • belt: thrifted
  • necklace: Vintage Oddity
  • pants: Walmart
  • boots: thrifted

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