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I’m over at One Good Thing by Jillee sharing a little printable for your door or entry way. I think this would make a great sign and jumping off point for theming a house-warming party. Bright, rich colors are so inviting to me. CLICK HERE for the printable.


If you’re new here. . .


Welcome! Take a look around! You can subscribe through Feedly or add your email address to the subscribe widget on the left for email updates. (Sorry it looks ugly, I’ll make it pretty soon.) I’ll be back tomorrow to share with you a little number I made as part of my “Draw it, Sew It” series.

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    1. Fran Beale says:

      Dear Melissa,
      I just found your site and am wondering if you can help me.
      I have an old recipe from my Great Grandmother, Sally, dated 1879, written in her own hand. I would like to duplicate her writing on a very old piece of wood.
      Any ideas? My efforts so far have been pretty sloppy!

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