Winter Wedding Invitations


I had the joy to design invitations for a friend of mine and her now husband. When I asked her what she wanted, she basically said, she wanted reds and winter greens. She left me to figure out the rest. I love getting let loose on designs. It’s fun. :) 

I lettered the names and painted the foliage, then scanned and designed. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to budget for these invitations so I kept them simple. I wanted something a little more visually impactful than center-justified text, so I designed the text on a slant. 

If I had had more time, I think I would have refined things just a little bit more, but I’m happy with the end result. Happy enough to post them here, right? ;)

I enjoyed adding more dimension to the art by including watercolor details to the artwork. I used techniques from a watercolor class I took from Natalie Malan in the fall. We’re going to be team-teaching a workshop! Learn calligraphy and watercolor on March 4th! Register here. Looking for more workshops? See the 2017 schedule for updates. 

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    Japanese Puzzle Eraser Valentines


    Most holidays I don’t go all-out. But Valentine’s Day is a day for me to have fun with puns and little gifts. I tend to give myself unrealistic expectations (all the time. Constantly. 24/7), I’ve gotten better at ignoring them and being more realistic with my time (because… umm… naps). But for Valentine’s I love doing something a little bit on the ridiculous side. I mean, come on. I could have gone to the grocery store and picked up any number of things that are already done. But this is like a hobby to me. An annual one, but a hobby nonetheless.

    Last month while in San Francisco, I made it a point to visit my favorite Daiso store and as I was walking past the aisles of adorable-ness, I spotted a wall of assorted puzzle erasers and piled them in my basket. It just came to me that the kiddos in Penelope’s and Felix’s classes needed these things. And hey, they’re not candy, so my practical mom-self said, “The kids with dietary restrictions will get to enjoy these, too!!”

    I found these darling clear plastic pillow boxes at my local packaging supply store (Pak N Wrap), if you’re not in my same area, you can get them on amazon right here

    They’re so darling, the temptation to put them in your mouth is real, so I put a little note on the bottom that said, “P.S. This is an eraser.:)” Because heaven forbid a little piece gets lodged somewhere. 


    My first inclination was to do some fancy-pants lettering like what I did above (I love the snap, so I wanted to throw that in here). But it’s for Kindergarteners and Third graders. They won’t be able to read that, let alone really appreciate it. So I busted out my more casual single-case lettering instead. 

    Coming up with something clever to say was just about as stressful as naming a newborn. But instead of something timeless, I wanted it to be clever. Unfortunately, I’m not known for my quick wit. That’s okay. Because this girl can’t be perfect at everything, right? So I phoned it in with a “Hello, adorable”. And I’m happy with it. I wish I had done something a little more fancy and creative with the design of it all, but done is better than perfect any day. 

    I didn’t complete these in time for you to use the idea this year, but this could be fun for a little party favor or little gift for future use. I hope you use the idea! Feel free to download the lettering by right-clicking the image below. And you can purchase an adorable assortment of puzzle erasers right here, if you’re like me and don’t have a Daiso store near you. Thanks Amazon!! 

    Printable and its contents are free for personal use only. Any alteration or distribution of the file (beyond adding your own text) without permission is prohibited. 


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    1. Bernie says:

      So, I love your little valentines and puzzle erasers! Where did you get the little clear plastic boxes?

    2. Marissa says:

      What did you put them in? This is so ADORABLE!

    3. Kristie says:

      This is fabulous. I am wishing I had a baby shower to decorate for, because this would be so cute!

    Leather-Detail Lightweight Sweater


    I’ve had this sweater on the cutting table for months, but I finally finished it! 

    I scored this fabric from Girl Charlee a while back.You may notice that you can see a little bit of the buffalo check through the sweater. It’s a great light-weight knit for layering, though!

    You might recognize the material  from a sweater I made for Junie a while back. The knit was a little trickier to work with because of the loose knit, but it’s perfectly slouchy and cozy. I brought this on my trip to San Francisco (as evidence by the photos) and it was the perfect extra layer for the chilly weather. 

    Sewing details: 

    • I used a large version of the Lane Raglan tee.
    • I modified the pattern to make it longer and added a tunic-style hem with split sides and a longer back panel.
    • I added structure to the shoulders with leather pieces (that was the hardest part because of how structurally different the two materials are)
    • I hemmed the edges with a machine blind hem (using my BabyLock Elizabeth, I just did a zig-zag blind hem), it looks nice and allows for the hem to stretch with the fabric.

    Outfit details: 

    Huge shout out to Maria Castelli. Everywhere I go, someone asks me where I got my bag. It’s made from the best leather and it’s the perfect size for touring around town or running errands with small kids. It’s perfectly chic and perfectly sturdy. It’s simply fantastic. 

    When I opened up the beautifully packaged box when my bag first arrived, I had Chris come in the room to smell the wonderful leather aroma. And gawk with me at the gorgeousness that laid before me. It truly is an incredible purse/backpack in person. 

    I took this everywhere with me on our trip; including museums. The straps on the backpack are versatile that you can wear it like a purse or wear it like a backpack! Huge win. If you’re looking for your next everyday bag, get one. You won’t regret it. 

    My hair was out of control while in SF. My sister braided it in dutch braids the night before and it held its volume all day. But, let’s be honest. I don’t miss the humidity of the city. Not a bit. ;) But SF is my fave. I wouldn’t mind going back on a monthly basis.

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    Logo Design for Krisle Photography


    You know those times when you mesh perfectly with clients? Like you just get their vibe? This was it. Caitlyn and I had a little bit of back and forth about her style and aesthetic before I set to work on her logo. 

    She wanted the lettering to be elegant, but not too elegant. Which is exactly how I roll. Perfect for wedding and lifestyle photography. 

    For the design, I made a horizontal version of her logo (see it in action on her website) and a monogram for Instagram, favicon and watermarks.

    As far as the process went, I sketched it out beforehand, lettered it on my favorite paper with my go-to markers, scanned and digitized. Want to learn more about the digitization process? I’ll be teaching a digital class at Letter Works this summer!

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    2017 Calligraphy Workshops


    I’m still working on fleshing out the rest of the year, but I’m excited to announce upcoming teaching gigs!! I’m so excited for this year, it’s going to be great. More workshops to come, be sure to come back and check out the updates. 

    Brush Letter Crash Course

    Friday, March 3 | 6-8 pm | SLC, Utah

    I’ll be teaching a quick, yet thorough, brush lettering workshop opening night of the Vintage Whites Market at the Fairgrounds. No frills, breaks or treats; just getting intimate with A-Z. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


    Watercolor + Calligraphy Retreat

    Saturday, March 4 | 10am-4pm | Draper, Utah

    Natalie Malan and I are teaming up to bring the two hottest hobbies together! In this double-header retreat, learn watercolor florals and modern calligraphy in a 6 hour workshop. $155 ($145 for early birds!) class fee. All materials, snacks and lunch included. Beginner/Intermediate class. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

    Photo by Stephanie Lorraine Photography

    Sew Simply Stitched Retreat

    Thursday, March 16 | 2-5pm | Roosevelt, Utah

    I’m teaching a brush lettering workshop as applied to quilting and textiles. I’ll be demonstrating how to use brush markers, readability, and ligatures for textile work. Register for the retreat: $25 early bird retreat entrance + $65 class fee. Materials included. Beginner/Intermediate class. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

    Flourishing Workshop

    Thursday, April 20 | 6-9pm | Salt Lake City, Utah

    Visit me at The Write Image on April 20th from  6-9 for an intermediate workshop on flourishing. We’ll spend the night working on oval drills, flourish essentials and how to apply that to your own individual style. Limited to 10 spots. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

    Digitizing Calligraphy at LetterWorks

    June 24-July 1 | 2.5 day workshop | Ogden, Utah

    I’m pleased as punch to be presenting at the 36th International Lettering Arts Conference, LetterWorks. I’m teaching alongside my calligraphy IDOLS! The conference is geared towards all skill levels. I’m teaching a 2.5 day workshop on digitizing calligraphy. We will be using both Photoshop and Illustrator. Geared towards beginning/intermediate computer users. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

    Stay tuned by signing up for the newsletter! Fill out info below: 

    Stay up-to-date on deals & local workshops!

    * indicates required


    And hey, if you can’t make any of my in-person classes, there’s always online at

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    1. David Heron says:

      I am a new subscriber from the UK. My question relates to Digital Calligraphy. Which product should I purchase for practising Calligraphy. The iPad Pro or a Wacom product

      • Melissa says:

        Depends upon your workflow and your budget. If you’ve got a grand lying around, get the ipad pro! It’s so fun to use. If you’re on a budget, get the Wacom intuos. Don’t bother with the small graphics tablets, get the medium intuos pro or large intuos pro. :)

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