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Jane Rhodes Summer Visual Journal Project


I love the idea of summer bucket lists, but our household is learning first-hand how overwhelming the summer over-scheduling can be. It’s intense. I was asked to make this summer “vision board” so-to-speak for Jane Rhodes and her family, and I really like her approach to summer. It’s less of a “we HAVE to get these things done” mentality and more of a, “let’s fill our lives with things that make us fill THIS WAY” vibe. I could learn a thing or two about that. 

Jane and her family are passionate about adventure, quality time and LGBTQ+ rights. Each item on their vision board circles back to one or more of their core family values. It makes me think, what would I put on my own family’s vision board? 

When Jane asked me about doing this for her, she sent me this mock up with each of the items she wanted on her vision board and I just took it from there. See below for more of the process:

If this aligns with your summer vision, check out the free B&W printable for you to color yourself!

I mocked everything up on my iPad (quite loosely) and then used my light pad and the mock up as scale and spacing reference to copy it onto the paper. Materials used: 

I really like that Joseph Campbell quote: “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” So true. 

I had a fun time working on this project for Jane. If you had a vision board for your summer, what would it include?

Want to learn how to make one of your very own? Check out my brush lettering workshop over on

SLC Craft & Calligraphy Workshop


This Thursday (September 15, 2016) I’m holding a craft night at The Write Image! Click here for more info.


We’re going to be exploring flourished brush calligraphy and we’ll be decorating mugs with our fancy skills. Materials and dinner provided.


Calligraphy Quote of the Day


I didn’t play around with style as much as I normally do, but I had a great time practicing keeping consistency together.


I figured this was pertinent since the beloved Gene Wilder just passed. I’m all about nonsense. Here’s to the original Willy Wonka.


I saw this quote and couldn’t help but chuckle. It’s so true! I had to letter it for the series. :)

I’m Teaching At Pinners Conference


I’m presenting at this year’s Pinners Conference! I’m teaching a very casual crash course into marker calligraphy on Friday November 6 at noon! See a list of classes right here. Use code MELISSA for 10% off your ticket.


I’m going to take you through the veeeeeery beginnings of doing calligraphy with markers. The class only lasts an hour so I’ll be taking attendees through a guided craft (Holiday cards!) using markers and script.


I hope you come! It’s going to be a fun event with all sorts of great ideas, crafts, classes and items to help you gear up for the holiday season. I’ll have a table set up at the event selling class kits (brush kits and pointed pen kits) and lettering names for people.


Register here. Use code MELISSA for a 10% discount!

The challenge with only an hour long class is that I can’t possibly do a full beginner course. We’ll be focusing on the importance of positioning and grip (I’ll be walking around and helping people with that physically – LEFTIES included!). I’ll give you the techniques to get started on the right footing and we’ll create our own stationery using the methods learned in class. You’ll be making beautiful projects right off the bat!


Bummed you can’t make it? Take my Beginning Brush Lettering class online instead! It’s far more thorough than a crash course and I’ll send you a kit and everything. ;) Or sign up for our email newsletter below to find out about live workshops and discounts.

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