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Coasters in a Snap!


My sister-in-law made me a masking tape coaster. It’s awesome, and it has my name on it. I’ve been seeing rainbow Japanese masking tape all over the internets and thought, wouldn’t it be neat to make a coaster in every color and serveĀ  orange soda and rainbow cake?


Then, tonight, since I left the tapey coaster at the in-laws (oops. blerg!) I decided to make some of my own. Disposable coasters from discarded (and absolutely adorable) wallpaper are a snap and super smart. I’m getting really excited to decorate for Penelope’s first birthday party that’s coming up!!


Also, instead of using regular cups for dinner, it was FAR more fun to use old food jars. All you need to do is drill a hole in the top of the jar, sand off the rough edges and you’re ready to rock an roll without spilling your drink! I think this will work great when Penelope gets old enough to start using cups. The idea was inspired by’s article on daisy cutout mason jars. Aren’t those daisy lids just adorable?!?

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