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Feli-Monster Update


I sure hope that when Felix gets older, he doesn’t feel like the red-headed step-child because of lack of photos. By this time in Penelope’s life, I think I’d taken about 1500 photos of her at that point. Not all of them good (I was still figuring out my camera then). But still. I’ve only made one outfit for Felix, too. One that I probably won’t share. Is it because he’s the second? Is it because boy crafts are harder to dream up? Or is it because we found out we were moving when he was not quite 8 months old? I’m thinking the combination of all three are more likely the explanation.

When does he not have his tongue sticking out?

The above pictures are straight out of the camera: 1250ISO, f/4, 1/80

I pulled out my camera yesteraday for some sweet pictures of Felix while Penelope was enjoying her “quiet time”. He’s becoming more & more mobile these days which is both exciting and devastating. I like my chubby bump on a log, but it’s so fun to see him grow & change. He’s still nowhere near sitting up by himself though. That behemoth head of his & his lack of motivation has really held him back. He’s still an excellent cuddler & I’m loving every minute of it. I’ll be so sad to see that phase go.

This picture is straight out of the camera: 2500ISO, f/3.5, 1/100

Felix is such a charmer. He loves any attention that’s thrown his way! See him “crawl” in the video below.

I love you baby Felix. You’re my favorite son ever.

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