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Last-Minute Mother’s Day Ideas


Here are some (self-proclaimed) great ideas for last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas

What will you be doing for your mother for Mother’s day? I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to!

Desktop Wallpaper Freebie


This weekend Chris & I were giving some serious thought to buying a new computer or upgrading our hard drive to a solid state drive (it would diminish load times considerably). Pretty sure we won’t be buying a new computer any time soon, but I think we’ll be giving the upgrade a go. With that said, I’ve had this quote in my head for the last few weeks & thought it was about time to make a desktop wallpaper.

iPhoneiPad2560 x 14401680 x 10501440 x 9001280 x 800

For you Illustrator/Photoshop users out there, isn’t that saying SO TRUE? Just making this artwork proved the quote to be true. How post-modern of me.

I made this using my own lettering layered over a blurred out photo that I took at Taliesin West a couple years ago. Back when I was first learning photoshop & illustrator I made a few desktop wallpapers, but I haven’t really had the desire to do one until discovering The Fox Is Black‘s (formerly Kitsune Noir) desktop wallpaper project. You can find some AMAZING wallpapers (that make mine look like a preschooler did it) for your computer, iPad or iPhone or pretty much anything else you want.

Click one of the above sizes to download the artwork. This wallpaper is free for personal, desktop/mobile device use only and should not be distributed or altered without my consent. If you would like to use this for commercial purposes, please email me. Thanks!

This week at DHD


Your feedback was awesome last week. I really, really appreciate it! Please, keep it coming!

I listened, and this week I’ve released my newest collection: Crown Moulding. I’m really proud of it. I’ve been looking forward to today for a while, I’ve been that excited about it. Crown Moulding’s color pallette was inspired by 100 Layer Cake’s holiday glam colorboard. Isn’t that a gorgeous colorboard? Yummy.

{click on the images below to enlarge}



Have I mentioned how much I enjoy making repeat patterns? It’s been a little obsession of mine for a while now. I surely couldn’t go without making a couple of pattern sets with this collection available in warm & cool colors.


Here’s a border set. Doesn’t it look regal? Again, making repeat patterns and borders is so much fun. It’s like I get endorphins out of it or something.


Your feedback was really positive about the blog graphics, so here you go! A blog kit just for you. Go buy it (only $6.99 today!), use the graphics on your blog and make all of your friends jealous.


Are you going to have any parties soon? Check out this invitation printable! I just wish that I had a baby or bridal shower to plan.


Getting married? Get glam invitations on a budget! Kit includes 2 5×7 designs (fits in A7 envelopes) in 2 editable formats, .eps & .psd.

Whether or not you’re into Digital Scrapbooking, I hope there’s something there for you to try! Head over to DHD today and get 30% off all my new releases! Enjoy.

Rainy Day Cloud Box Download + Thoughts


Cloud Box

Every once in a while I stop thinking about myself and think of others for a moment or two. Since Chris and I have been out and about the last four months the “every once in a while” is turning into “never”.


I see these boxes at events and weddings all the time. I really like how they close, forming a shape (usually a heart) that pops out. The problem with these boxes is that they’re white. Plain. Boring. I was trying to think outside the box (I didn’t stray far at all) for the shape of the top. Hearts are overdone, butterflies are not my style and stars are SOO last month. I like clouds. Clouds are a bunch of circles put together. I like circles, too. But how would I tie in the clouds with treats? After a few hours of brainstorming this is what Chris and I came up with:

Most clouds have a silver lining. This one has chocolate.
Click Here to Download the Rainy Day Cloud Box

Click on the image above to download IS•LY’s newest freebie. I have one request: would you please print at least one, fill it with chocolate and give it to someone who might be having a bad day? I’m not sure who to give mine to, but I’ll think of someone and let you know.

You Are So Indie Card II


Show your friends some love! I know y’all think it’s fun to get something other than a bill or an ad in the mail. I think all of you should print this card and send it to someone you think is cool. I sure did (and it wasn’t addressed to me). ;)

You're the leader of the pack

Download the Indie Wolf Card Here

Download the Envelope Template Here

This card was inspired by this wolf shirt, which Chris and I think is super cool. You know what’s even cooler? The card fits perfectly inside the printable envelope I designed a while back. Click on the links above to download the card & envelope.

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