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Big Changes and Little Details



IS•LY just underwent a much-needed face lift recently and I have a lot to thank Chris for. I did all of the design work, but Chris made it happen. Goodness, it sure does help to have a web developer that’s unconditionally in love with you. ;) Most of the effort (on Chris’s behalf) was put into the sidebar buttons. You should check them out. Seriously. Chris spent a couple of hours researching and figuring out how to get the rollover to work, and last night he was successful. Looking to pimp out your blog? Here are some helpful links:

Hex Color Combo Tester

Favicon Tutorial

Image Rollover Tutorial

You’re My Favicon


I have a terrible habit of keeping tabs open in firefox. My average is about 10, this happens mostly because I’m lazy at either saving the link to my delicious, I take my time (sometimes like two weeks) commenting on someone’s blog or I just forget that it’s there.

.   .   .

This particular link was stuck in the limbo that is my firefox browser for about two months. I’ve been planning on making my favicon, just never had the motivation to mess around with html. Last night, I finally did something about it. I made my favicon. The tutorial is very straight forward and a lot easier than I thought to do. If you’re wanting to add your own favicon, I suggest making your icon in photoshop using a transparent background (great for irregular shapes), then after changing your color mode to RGB, save your image as a gif.

Pretty Sweet, right? I know.

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