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2008’s Resolution Report


Last year’s goal was to hand-make all of my gifts for the Holiday season, the success motivated me to continue it through this year. I’ve done very well, and besides Chris’s birthday & a wedding gift, I’ve managed to keep my resolution. I’m still a little wary of giving handmade gifts, though, here’s why:

  • Not everyone has the same personal style or design aesthetic
  • Not everyone appreciates something handmade & would prefer the convenience of a purchased item (returns/exchanges)

I would love to hear about handmade gifts that you’ve received that was A) great and/or B) disastrous and explain why it was that way, and for the latter, what you would have done differently if you were the giver of the disastrous hand-made gift. Your feedback is welcome & appreciated!!

.    .    .

OH, and before I forget, here are a couple of gifts that I’ve made in the last couple of weeks:

I made a lunch sack as payment for some hair stuff my sister did for me. [A Little Plug for my sister, Emily, If you live in SLC and you’re in the look out for a great cut or in need of an uber talented colorist, go to The Spa Club and ask for Emily.] I made it to match the apron I made her. If you missed out on the tutorial for the lunch sack, you can find it here!

With all of my friends having baby boys these days, it’s really challenged my creativity (in a good way). Girls are just so much easier to make things for. I got this brilliant idea from my Auntie Annie for a hooded towel. She gave me one for Penelope, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. It’s the perfect kind of gift that goes for both boys and girls (plus it’s nice to have something that baby can use for a long time). I’ll have a tutorial up soon on how I did it. I thought it turned out quite nicely.

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