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Another Refashioned Sweater + News


Here’s another refashion I did with the pile of sweaters Dani gave me. I’m digging the triangle fad recently, so I thought I’dĀ incorporateĀ some of the black fish scale fabric from Proud Mary. I really like how that fabric works with the quilt.


Now I think if I make a yellow bolster, my bedding will be complete!

undefinedThis project took nothing more than an old sweater, zipper & fabric for the triangles. All of the materials (besides the zipper) were given to me, so this pillow cost practically nothing. I think I need to be on the look out for a bright yellow cable-knit sweater for the bolster. Wouldn’t that be fun?

One of my new year’s resolutions was to make my bed every day. Now that I have a quilt that I’m absolutely in love with, I do make it nearly every day. Do you ever get motivated by new things? Vacuuming new carpet? Cleaning new dishes? I most certainly do.

This week I did a guest spot over at Yours, Mine & Ours. The lovely & totally awesome Meredith did a Reworked week where she featured some of her own refashioning tutorials & work from other refashionistas (including me!). I was so honored to be part of that. I shared a refashion I did over a year ago, go check it out here.

Another thing. . . I don’t write about these types of things often, but I feel very compelled to do so. A reader emailed me that her friend is applying for the Pepsi Refresh Project. You familiar with it? I think it’s pretty awesome, & I don’t even drink Pepsi. Her goal is to build a teaching space & community workshop devoted to modern craft. SERIOUSLY, you can’t read this blog & not be on board. I wish she was my neighbor! WATCH THE VIDEO & VOTE FOR HER HERE. Spread the word. They’re so close to getting it!

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