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Style: Summer Clothes


I love wearing light-weight skirts during the summer. Truth be told, I don’t currently own a single pair of shorts. I definitely don’t mind it being that way. This outfit was really easy. No make up, just lipstick and glasses.





On An Airplane

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Not the best photos in the world, but I really liked this outfit. It’s what I wore Thanksgiving day on my way to the airport to reunite with my fam.

XL? What?

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This top was actually bought for Chris. Turns out I ordered him an XL girlie tee from threadless. WOOPS. Guess it’s going in my closet now. I never would’ve considered ordering an XL, but I absolutely LOVE the fit. Size means nothing, fit is everything.

  • necklace: handmade by dad
  • top: Threadless, $5
  • skirt: thrifted + refashioned, $6
  • sash: from an old shirt
  • shoes: thrifted, $3

TOTAL: $14

Funny, Funny

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Penelope & I went to the zoo today with my sister & nephew. I didn’t want to make the same mistake of wearing pants like last time.

  • top: Modbod + refashioned, c/o modbod
  • belt: thrifted, $1
  • skirt: thrifted + refashioned, $4
  • shoes: Forever 21, $9

TOTAL: $14 ($34)

Easy Floral Outfit


It was hot today! Yikes. Wearing a dress sure helped keep me from sweating puddles.

  • dress: thrifted & refashioned, $6
  • skinny belt: thrifted, $1
  • fat belt: handmade
  • shoes: some boutique in Brazil, $10

TOTAL: $17


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