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On An Airplane

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Not the best photos in the world, but I really liked this outfit. It’s what I wore Thanksgiving day on my way to the airport to reunite with my fam.

Ruche Giveaway

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I’m doing a Ruche giveaway over on the main blog.

  • top: Ruche, $45
  • necklace: In Honor of Design, c/o IHOD
  • belt: thrifted, $2
  • skirt: Ruche, c/o Ruche
  • shoes: thrifted, $3

TOTAL: $50 ($98)

Recycled: Boys Button-Up



I’m actually wearing this button ¬†up today, so I thought posting this outfit was fitting.

  • Top: thrifted, $4
  • necklace: thrifted, $3
  • belt: thrifted, $1
  • skirt: ModBod, c/o MB
  • shoes: thrifted, $4

TOTAL: $12

Casual Father’s Day Outfit


  • top: Walmart, $4
  • necklace: handmade by my dad
  • skirt: Tulle, $25
  • shoes: thrifted Nine West, $4

TOTAL: $33

Sunday Best: Ode to My Mother


Yesterday was my third Mother’s Day being a mom; it was so wonderful! Chris let me sleep in, let me take a three hour nap in the afternoon, made me breakfast in bed & made me dinner. Glorious!

I also made Chris snap a few photos of me & the nels. It meant so much to me that he took photos of Penelope & me together. I think that needs to be a Mother’s day tradition from now on.

DO you like our vogue pose? That wasn’t on purpose, btw.

Our outfits also made the occasion rather special. My grandmother bought my dress for my mom in the early ’80s; just after she had my sister, Emily. I love this dress. I love that it fits! I love that it’s so stylish! Coincidentally, my mom bought Penelope’s dress for her birthday and it matches my outfit perfectly! Maybe my mom has a thing for navy & white polka dots.

I have such an inspiring mother & mother-in-law. They’re both so uniquely creative, smart, resourceful, beautiful & loving. I am so thankful for both of them! Mothers are the best. I hope you all (and/or your moms) had a great Mother’s day yesterday!

Stay tuned for a new flickr challenge! I’ll be announcing it early tomorrow morning. It’s going to be awesome!

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