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Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween, everyone! I’m so excited for trick or treating tonight! It’s the first year we’ll be able to take Penelope out and she’s so¬†excited! I finally convinced her that she’s not going to be spiderman; although if you ask her what she’s going to be for Halloween she quickly replies, “Spiderman!”

It’s not that I don’t want her to dress up as spiderman, I just already bought the stuff for her costume by the time she changed her mind! Typical, right? I keep telling myself that if she absolutely hates her costume I’ll gladly go to Target & pick up a spiderman outfit for her. So far she hasn’t been hesitant to put on her witch costume in the least. She looks super adorable, I might add!

Here’s the breakdown for her outfit:

  • tights & turtleneck – I found them at Walmart; since it’s practically impossible to find green things for girls, I dyed them. I added the stripes with black paint.
  • tutu – I made this from 6 yards of tulle, elastic & some felt. I’ve considered cutting it down but that’s not likely to happen. It’s one of those things that she can grow into.
  • broom – I spray painted a dowel black, cut about 14 inches of leather fringe & wrapped the dowel with the leather, securing it with an upholstery tack.
  • hat – I bought this as-is at Walmart, which just so happened to be the fourth store I went to for a hat! How come plain kid’s witches hats are nearly impossible to find? I don’t want pink sparkles or nasty faux hair sticking out of it.

Overall this costume took WAAAY too many hours to make. The broom was fast, the dyeing was relatively fast, as were the stripes, but the tutu took forever. A lot of it had to be hand-sewn. Not sure I’ll put in this amount of time on a costume ever again.

So it turns out she just wanted to fly for Halloween – this is when we discovered that we could convince her to be the Wicked Witch as opposed to Spiderman. She got so excited about the idea of flying around on a broom! After she got back from school on Friday I showed her the broom & she lit up, “For me!?! Thank you, mommy, thank you!!”

Immediately she put the broom between her legs & the biggest look of disappointment flooded over her face! She looked at me & with a sad little voice said, “Mommy, the broom doesn’t work. I’m not flying!” Oooohh, my sweet Penelope. You are too much.

I’m going as Dorothy for Halloween this year. Turns out I’ve had the perfect Dorothy costume in my closet for some time. I bought the perfect blue dress eons ago & what girl doesn’t have red heels? What are you going as?


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