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It’s been FAR too long since I’ve done a giveaway on here. There’s no particular reason for this giveaway, I just wanted to tell everyone who comes here (either by accident or on purpose), “Thank You.


I love blogging and feel like giving all of you e-hugs.

So here’s a thank you giveaway. I’m giving a handmade mini notebook (seen above) to one lucky, random commenter. Please follow the guidelines below for entry:

  • Please comment on this post. Click on the this permalink or the title above to comment.
  • Any comment will do. If you can’t think of what to say, answer one of these questions: What is your favorite blog post? What would you like to see more of?
  • Comment before 12pm midnight MST Monday, October 26, 2009.
  • Please tell family and friends about it (not required, but very nice). Tweet, Facebook, text, or write a good old fashion letter to someone.
  • One comment per person only.
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    1. Kirsten says:

      Love your blog, I just got done making your diaper clutch sooooooo cute and so handy. I have twin girls and hate digging at the bottom of my diaper bag trying to recover a diaper. It has worked wonders. Thank you!!!

    2. Melissa says:

      Hey Everybody,

      We’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties. The original giveaway post was deleted along with all of your comments. I have the comments saved elsewhere and will be importing them tonight (Oct 22). If you don’t see your comment here by tomorrow, please re-enter for your chance at this mini notebook.



    3. Melissa says:

      Love little notebooks!!! And giveaways!! And your blog!!!

    4. E.Pinar says:

      Hi, I’m one of your subscribers and really enjoy with your style. Thanks for the giveaway.

    5. Jennie says:

      I love your handmade books! Thanks for the giveaway!

    6. I love pretty places to write pretty words!

    7. leni says:

      e-hugs back to you! i love your blog and look forward to reading it everyday!

    8. Nicole says:

      I heart giveaways! Your minibooks are so sweet.

    9. L says:

      I’m in! and I reblogged and tweeted it :)

    10. I love mini anything!

    11. ooo…I love that book, and I love your blog!

    12. Anna says:

      what a rad little book! Love it!

    13. Magatha-May says:

      Oh, the butterfly on that notebook is so so pretty. What a lovely giveaway.

    14. Adele says:

      I think that your notebook is delightful and I would love to win it! Count me in please :)

    15. Carol says:

      ME ME ME!! I mean… please?? (and I tweeted)

    16. Adeline says:

      You know i’ve always wanted to make my own notebooks, but alas mastering the art of bookbinding is much too hard. Thanks for the lovely oppurtunity of winning a notebook you made!
      Lets hope i get lucky!

    17. Veronica says:

      What a pretty book. I’m a sucker for velvet ribbon.

    18. F. S. says:

      Love your blog! Wish I were half as crafty as you are!

    19. Lisa says:

      I check your blog every day and look forward to your posts!

    20. Suzanna says:

      Melissa, I don’t think I have a favorite post, I just love to see all the creative things you come up with!

    21. merium says:

      Oh, how I love notebooks! This one is adorable!

    22. Jill says:

      I am so jealous of your craftiness! I love your blog.

    23. Joy says:

      I love your blog! I love the printable things and your overall design aesthetic. So pretty!

    24. LIllian says:

      I LOVE your blog! Thanks for sharing your incredible talent!

    25. Mandi says:

      Pretty notebook! I found your site through a friend of a friend, and keep coming back for all the great ideas on how to add fun & creative personal touches to everyday things. My favorite posts are when you refashion an old article of clothing into something totally new & fabulous. :)

    26. Erin says:

      what a beautiful notebook Melissa. you are so very talented!

    27. Nadia says:

      this is such a cute book, think of all the possibilities of what can go inside it!

    28. Tana Barnhart says:

      I recently ran across your blog and just the how crafty and creative you are. I hope who ever wins the mini book will love it!! I know I would!

    29. Kiersta says:

      these are so pretty! You guys should do workshops or something… These would be great for holiday cards or something like that!

    30. kiersta says:

      This is so pretty! You should do workshops or something…

    31. Amanda says:

      I love checking your website (and going through the archives!) You are so talented, I love the mini book!

    32. summer says:

      cute! i hope random picks me, LOVE the things you create. i like your posts about your logo designs. and your how to’s, and your refashions. and…i like it all!

    33. Kristie says:

      Very sweet book and blog, it’s a daily stop. Thank You

    34. ooh, i’m in! AND i tweeted about it :)

    35. Jessica says:

      I don’t remember how I stumbled on your blog, but I am so glad I did. :)

    36. Nicia says:

      So, am I retarded? I tried clicking on your post title, and I tried clicking on that link at the bottom and they both didn’t do anything. Anyway, I love those notebooks you do! So stinkin’ cute. I love the tutorials you do. Especially the ones that are so functional, like that diaper clutch. I made one forever ago, and have loved it. Thanks!

    37. Jessica C says:

      Ohhh!!! Me! I love your blog!

    38. Monica N says:

      I love giveaways just because! And I also tweeted!

    39. Sarah E says:

      I am new to the blog world and stumbled upon your blog just recently, but I love it! If you ever make the fanny pack that you liked, I would love to see a tutorial because I want one too!!


    40. Faith says:

      I’m so intrigued by bookbinding but sadly I think I’m currently maxed out on hobbies. So instead of making my own little book I’m hoping to win this one!

    41. Paige says:

      beautiful book! i love seeing all the projects you come up with. very inspiring!

    42. risti says:

      My fave post so far is easily the fanny pack post. The notebook is so pretty, please pick me (randomly)!

    43. Becky says:

      I love your blog for the creative inspiration in so many crafts and skills. Thanks.

    44. Shari says:

      Oh my, what a truly love little surprise!

    45. Casey says:

      I love that mini notebook! It’s so cute!

    46. C Barrette says:

      Oh how pretty!! Love it :)

    47. Hey Melissa! Love your blog!

    48. I enjoy all the downloads you provide. Makes it easy on me!

    49. ruby says:

      Little Notebooks are the new black.

      And also your header is oh!so lovely.

      pick me please.

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