Thrifty & Chic: Bow Purse + Giveaway – CLOSED


This post is brought to you by Tai Pan Trading.

One of my blogging friends, Jenni, always has rad giveaways. She works for Tai Pan Trading, a Utah-based wholesale home decor store (which has the awesomest stuff, btw) so she frequently features new items in stock & gives them away. Two weeks ago I won one of her giveaways & scored this incredibly sweet bow bag:

My old purse was starting to look really ratty when I won this purse; the timing couldn’t have been better.

I love how small this purse is while still fitting everything I need: wallet, keys, phone, business cards, pens, usb drive & poopy clutch. I also love that it has two detachable handles, a drop handle & a messenger bag-style handle. The messenger bag handle is perfect while riding my bike & wrangling Penelope. This purse normally retails for about $29.99. Not bad, right? I’m used to spending about $30 (give or take) for a purse. What about you?

Head over to your local Tai Pan Trading to drool over and buy their many wonderful purses. If you’re not near one (sucks to be you), you might want to try these alternates online:

Bow Bags

Watermelon Bags

Let me know if you find any other bags on the internets that are worth adding to the list!

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    1. kelsie rae says:

      lately i love love love bows! i would love to strut this purse around town!

    2. bruns says:

      oh yes please!!!! the color and the lining and the bow are all to die for! also, i just recently found your blog and i am absolutely obsessed with your redesigns of thrifty finds. so inspiring!!!

    3. Katie Sutton says:

      Oh! I love this bag. Bows on bags are just so wonderful! I would loveee this bag so much.

    4. A new bag would be awesome. My purse was stolen a few weeks ago (yeah- it really was sucky) and I still have not gotten a new one. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    5. Miji says:

      Wow. This bag is so beautiful. I love the big bow and color so much.

    6. Jenni Smith says:

      What a great color!

    7. Jen says:

      Wow, the inner fabric is gorgeous! I’d love to switch over to this purse for the rest of the summer.

    8. Tamara says:

      Oh god, I am in love with this bag!!! (I know the comp says US residents only…but I would totally pay the postage/customs etc etc to Australia if you randomly select me) :)

    9. kimberly says:

      I would love to win because I have the PERFECT shoes to match :)

    10. Rachel C says:

      this purse is the cutest! perfect for summer – i’d love to carry it!!

    11. Thao says:

      OMG! This is soooo adorable. Perfect summer color! I’d love to go around town with this on my arm. =)

    12. Because, just like you said, it’s adorable!! And what a great color!

    13. anya says:

      oh i love bows, this bag is too lovely!

    14. Jen says:

      I LOVE bows right now!! This bag is awesome. Adore the lining fabric too!

    15. Sena says:

      Oh, this purse is just too cute! I would love to gift this to my best friend because she’s really into bows!! Thanks!

    16. Amanda says:

      Love the inside of this purse – opening it would make me smile, instead of the usual frown of spending all my money!

    17. Courtney D says:

      This bad is gorgeous. I love the color and all the details. It’s cute and perfect!

    18. thatgiftidea says:

      I think this bag is lovely, I know my partner would love this too

    19. Katherine says:

      I NEED this bag because of the color… PERFECT summer color!

    20. Abbey says:

      I love the color of this bag! The purse is a nice size too! :)

    21. Cristin says:

      I would love to rock this awesome purse. The color is perfect for summer and to brighten up any outfit. I am desperately seeking a new – big – purse. Plus, no one around me would have the same purse.

    22. Chavon says:

      Oh my! This is just a fabulous summer purse! I like this purse, because I’m a bow type of lady. Everything I do I try my best to put a bow on top! The color is fabulous and a stand out one!

    23. Hannah says:

      Oooh!! That color! Tres magnifique! And the lining is gorgeous, I’d swoon every time I open it! Also it would make a great B-day present to match the shoes I’m buying for me!

    24. Sandy says:

      I love the summery color and the peacock lining! Thanks for the giveaway.

    25. Katie says:

      Squeeeee!! This is so stinkin’ adorable, and such a great summer color! I would love to have a new purse…my last few have been gi-normous diaper bags and it would be fun to be stylish in a purse small enough to be chic yet big enough to hold my stuff. Thanks for the chance!

    26. Amanda says:

      I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!
      Perfect for summer!

    27. Peter Larson says:

      My wife would love this bag. The bag is almost as bright and lovely as she is.

    28. Meg says:

      That lining is gorgeous, and I love the bright summery color! Plus, I’m in Texas, so I can’t head to Tai Pan to get one of my own :)

    29. Laurin says:

      I can already imagine wearing this purse around. I have wanted one similar especially in color and just have not had the money to buy it. I would adore this purse and use it both for summer and spring!

    30. jessika says:

      How adorable! This is such a sweet purse, it would be even sweeter for a loving nanny to carry it around :)

    31. Amy says:

      I love this bag!!! Everything is perfect about it, especially the color and the lining and the bow. Beautiful!

    32. Bailey says:

      This is soooooooo cute. And I LOVE the color! Crossing my fingers. :)

    33. Maria says:

      This looks like a great purse! I love how much you were able to fit in yours….oh I hope I win!!!

    34. Rosalyn says:

      This purse is absolutely gorgeous – and as I’ll be moving into a super small bedroom in a week… a smaller purse would fit in perfectly ;)

    35. Nicole says:

      What a great bag! I love the feminine touch that the bow gives and the color is the perfect summer shade! I would love to win this!

    36. Peggy Scott says:

      Delicious is right. The watermelon color reminds me of spring, my favorite season.

    37. I would love this bag! I’m heading off to college in the fall and since I’m trying to save money for trips back home, this would be a great (and free!) gift! :)

    38. Elodie says:

      World of cute! I’d like this purse cause I’m alll about color, and I own almost nothing in red/orange shades — this would be super cute with my turquoise coat don’t you think? :)

    39. Ari says:

      Love the color, red. It’s my favourite!!

    40. Oh my goodness, this bag is just wonderful! I would love carrying this beaut around town. And because the 7th is my birthday I’m crossing my fingers for some extra luck!


    41. Sheryl says:

      The color is fantastic! And I’m a bit overdue for a new purse :)

    42. Anne says:

      I can’t remember the last time I got a new handbag…this post is just in time!

    43. Mary says:

      It’s my favorite color! And totally my style.

    44. Terri says:

      I love the color and the lining – so cute! And of course, the bow!

    45. Jennie says:

      I’m going to be completely honest here…I need to win this bag in order to make all my friends jealous. I really hope I win.

    46. Emily says:

      It’s so pretty!

    47. Disney says:

      WOW. I have been searching for a bag for literally a year, and have never found one I’ve liked this much! THANK YOU for this giveaway! The winner will be chosen on my anniversary so maybe it’s a sign! :o) I hope so!!

    48. Katharine says:

      This bag is GORGEOUS! I love the watermelon. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bag recently without any luck – the two that I’ve bought both broke within a few days. Sad! Winning this would be too perfect! :)

    49. Liz says:

      This purse is so cute! I’ve been in such a funk lately where I haven’t been able to find a purse that just… makes me happy. This purse would do just that! I love it. :)

    50. Shifra says:

      I’d love this bag!! I had a jacket this exact color that was my all time favorite, that got totally shredded this spring, and I was very sad, so this will help make up for it! (Wow, that was a long sentence!)

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