Lime Ricki Swim Giveaway *CLOSED*


I’ve been so excited about this giveaway for some time now; as evidenced by the length of this post. Lime Ricki provided our entire family with swimsuits this year & I’m completely sold on them. So sold. Lime Ricki is a local company started a few years ago that provides the world with comfortable, no-fuss swimwear. I think I went to high school with the sisters that started the whole thing. I couldn’t tell you for sure.


These suits are designed & manufactured in the U.S. with great attention to quality & detail. My incredibly talented friend, Alma, is the woman behind all of the bright, fantastic prints. The suit I have just screams Alma! I love that I have my very own Alma Loveland print in my wardrobe. And may I add, it’s a pipe dream of mine to have my designs on clothing. I’m so excited that Alma’s already there!


Hands down, this is the best-fitting suit I’ve owned since I spent all of my allowance money on a teal striped suit from Gap when I was 9. I love that LR has suits for every female figure from flat to curvaceous to pregnant. Just this year they’ve introduced a girl’s line AND a men’s line! The girl’s line offers a range of different tops, bikini bottoms, rash guards and shorts (I bought shorts for Felix!). The men’s line is simple and ingenius; they offer a range of lengths from board shorts to euro trousers. Ever since our excursion to Brazil several years ago, I’ve been sold on short shorts for men. Chris has awesome legs, so I like it when he shows them off.


I love that P & F are both looking at us like, “what? you do that still? Gross.”

My suit is fabulous and fully-lined (as are all of their suits). I never have to adjust the bosoms & I feel perfectly covered & secure. The shorts are AH-mazing. Last year I was plotting to make my own high-waisted boy shorts, but that never happened. While these have yet to be high waisted (that would be such a fab option, next year perhaps?) they’re the perfect length. They’re longer than most boy shorts & cut off just below the most unflattering part of the leg. The waistband is incredibly comfortable & perfectly constructed. I honestly LOVE my suit. No need to hide behind a cover up in this baby. I still made one anyway, though. Like it? (I’ll post better pics later)

Penelope’s suit is equally fabulous. The bottoms stay put as does the top. I love the orange & pink color combo! She loves wearing it, too.


Chris’s swim trunks are the best length. I originally got the square cut shorts for him, but Chris has very burly thighs from doing crazy heavy squats & deadlifts 3 times a week. I’m sure the 180lb Chris would’ve loved them, but the 210lb Chris found the legs to be a bit too tight. So an FYI, if your hubby has brauny thighs, go for the mid-length suit. Even then, Lime Ricki offers free shipping on all exchanges. They really stand behind their suits, as do I.

Since I loved their suits so much, I picked up a pair of boy shorts (made for girls) for Felix. I figure the red color makes ’em pretty gender neutral. They fit him perfectly. He’s my mini euro hipster with his little ‘speedo’.


Their separates are available for $30-$40 per piece which can be a splurge at $60 per suit, but they’re well worth it for the quality, style & original prints! If you’re an occasional swimmer like me, they’re the suits that last a few swim seasons. Currently they have some of last year’s swim pieces on sale in the $10-$20 range, which is a steal. My honest advice: even if you’re not going the tankini route this summer, be sure to stock up on their bottoms. You’ll be glad you did.

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    1. abby says:

      How pretty! I love all the one pieces, the blue polka dot would probably be my favorite though :) Thanks for another great post. I love reading them :)

    2. Annette says:

      I would probably get the Carson one piece or the Lottie one piece for my daughter.

    3. Torn between Auburn and Shelby tops, and I love love the striped briefs, though I think I’d stick them with the Auburn and do the neon green or yellow with the Shelby. So many choices!

      But my postpartum bod could use a good new suit!

    4. Alyssa says:

      What a great giveaway! I don’t know if I could choose just one of the tankini tops for me – they are all great! I might go with the Sailor one-piece for my daughter. So cute!

    5. Heidi says:

      They have some awesome prints! I really like the bristol tankini.

    6. Kelli E says:

      I would get the Delancy one-piece! I love polka dots!

    7. I totally would choose the exact suit you’re wearing! The Auburn top with boy shorts.

    8. Heather says:

      I simply adore the Ricki One Piece! It is so sweet ruffly and pink – my favorite!

    9. hannah says:

      i’d definitely get the auburn tankini top with the yellow briefs–so cute!!

    10. KC says:

      Hmmm…I like both the Odessa and Virginia tankini tops….though the Quincy tankini top is tempting also! I also love the Carson one piece. It’s so hard to decide!

    11. Diana Smith says:

      So adorable! I love your family all decked out in their suits. You look AMAZING for having a baby 4 months ago!! I love the Carson one piece!

    12. I also like the Delancey one piece. How awesome that you get to do this giveaway! :D

    13. Miriam says:

      I love the Brooklyn tankini!

    14. Lindsey says:

      I love the Auburn tankini top you have on with the yellow classic bottoms.

    15. Deanna says:

      I like the Charlotte tankini. I love Lime Ricki!

    16. Aynna says:

      Ok, I love the top you have on, (Auburn) and pair it with the teal ruffle wrap skirt (definitely not adventurous enough to show my legs that much). It’s my birthday this week, so I definitely need to win this! And I can always wear it next year when I’m no longer preggers.

    17. Danielle says:

      Eek!!! I want the delancey one piece!!!

    18. Taylor says:

      Ahhhhh I’ve been dying for a Lime Ricki swimsuit but we’re poor students right now! I want the carson one piece really bad, but I would seriously love anyone of their swimsuits!

    19. Oh how do you choose?! They are all so unique and cute and perfect cuts! I love the Augustina top or the Quincy and I love the shape of the bottoms!

      BTW, you are all too adorable!

    20. Brittney says:

      These look awesome!! I’d choose the Madison Tankini top with some matching boy shorts. Oh, I hope I hope I win. The last cute swimsuit I got was 7 years ago when I got married!

    21. Darcey says:

      I would LOVE the Alexandria Tankini Top with the Black Ruffle Wrap Skirt. I’ve been looking at this website for the last two weeks but can’t bring myself to actually spend the $75 plus shipping! :(

    22. Kristin says:

      I’d totally get the Brooklyn tankini top and the boy shorts in grey – I’m totally digging blue and grey together right now. Plus that top looks like it may contain my tatas nicely.

    23. Nicole says:

      Aw, you’re all so cute! And I’m loving the little girls’ sailor one-piece suit over there.

    24. Alycia says:

      What a great giveaway! Love these suits :) I think I would have to go with ODESSA TANKINI TOP OR the adorable DELANCEY ONE-PIECE!

    25. Meg says:

      These are really cute swimsuits. I love the Delancey one piece suit. The polka dots are too cute!

    26. Michael Ann says:

      Those boy short bottoms look so comfy perfect! I really like the brooklyn top, so cute and summery!

    27. I am loving their cute one-pieces, especially the Ricki:

      And they’re website is adorable, too!

    28. meg says:

      the odessa top with the stripe shorts are just perfect!

    29. Kristine says:

      I really love the Carson one piece!

    30. I would choose the London one piece. Sassy!

    31. Megan says:

      I love these suits! I’ve been a bikini / two-piece girl for years, but this summer I’m having my first kiddo (any day now, literally) and my tummy will not be for public consumption this summer for vacay. I have been looking for cute tankinis and one-pieces and these are definitely up my alley.

      If I won, I would choose the Augustina top with the blue or geometric briefs (or the blue boy shorts). I love the halter, but also the fact that my entire tum-tum will be covered. :)

      Happy 4th and I look forward to more tutorials for “boy things” (I’m having a little guy).

    32. Sierra T. says:

      I absolutely LOVE the Delancey One-Piece!

    33. nissa says:

      I would love to win the winnie tankini for my little girl!

    34. Sara says:

      I love the Adelaide top with black classic bottoms! It’s hard to find styles that are cut high enough in the front that I won’t spill out of!

    35. Ooo…ahhh! I like the Brooklyn top w/ the Classic White bottoms

    36. MelissaB says:

      I would get the grey rash guard with the hot pink boy shorts. So fun!

    37. Christine H. says:

      Love the Alexandria top!

    38. Clare says:

      The Odessa tankini top is very cute! The shorts also look nice. I love the pretty fabirc on all of the suits!

    39. Kelly says:

      Hi I love your blog- I would pick the Auburn top and the teal boyshorts that you have on!

    40. Ashley says:

      I love the Auburn tank top with the yellow bottoms!

    41. Lexi says:

      I love the auburn top and the yellow boyshorts- Super Cute!

    42. Melissa says:

      I love the Brooklyn top! I love all of their suits! I would love to own one!

    43. Tessa says:

      I love the blue polka-dotted Delancey one-piece! Cute and still modest and classic!

    44. Shauna says:

      Whether I win or not, I’m going to get those Navy & White trunks for my husband. They are so handsome, perfect for the brauny-thigh (skinny waist) man, and a little more mature than loud Hawaiian print. I love it. (Plus the price is excellent!)

    45. becca says:

      I love love love the Odessa taking top with the black stripe classic bottoms!!

    46. Suzanna says:

      SO hard to decide. I finalized on the Victoria one-piece. I love the flower.

    47. Virginia says:

      Really cute! I would get the Savannah tankini top with the classic bottoms.

    48. Danielle says:

      I love your combo–the auburn top and teal boy shorts!

    49. Kathie young says:

      I love them all. At the moment the Shelby tankini is my favorite, but it changes every time I look.

    50. Amanda says:

      The Delancey suit is so fun!

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