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Earth Day Winner #2: Zebra Book

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Here are a few good tidbits about Heather:

Favorite colors: Red, Apple Green, Black

Interests: Guitar, Architecture, Interior Design

Something about me: I love zebras!


I made her a pamphlet book out of discontinued wallpaper, string, snaps and grey paper.  I hand-painted the zebra pattern on the inside of the book. I’m thinking I like zebras now, too!


Father’s Day is Just around the Corner. . .


A friend of mine (inspired by this post) asked me if I could make a book for her husband if she gathered quotes and blurbs from family and friends about him. Of course I was thrilled to do it!! I really love the idea of getting family and friends to say nice things about your husband and binding it in book form for a gift. Seriously it’s genius. You know. . . father’s day is around the corner, and I did bring my bookbinding supplies with me to Arizona, so send me an email if you want one made for the man in your life. Or woman. Heck, I wouldn’t mind it if someone did that for me!

Ed's Cork book

I’m so happy with how it turned out. I really wish you could touch your computer screens and truly feel how yummy the cork and leather combination is. I LOVE CORK. I LOVE CORK! It’s just deliciously soft.

Ed's Leather & Cork book II

Like I said above, feel free to drop me a line (islyblog[at]gmail[dot]com) if you want a custom bound book. Also! Check out the right sidebar and join IS•LY with Google friend connect!

New Books in the Shoppe


For some reason I have to call my etsy store the Shoppe (pronounced /Shop E/). And by the way, do you know that I have one? I’ve been secretly listing hand bound books on there without really telling anyone. So here it is, I have a shoppe, and it’s awesome and you should probably buy a book. A perfect gift for someone cool. I just listed these two lovelies:


Mini Handmade Date Book (blank)


Leather Handmade Flat Back with Hidden Monkey

So hop on over to the IS•LY Etsy Shoppe and peruse all of the goodies I’ve made. Just for you.

Memoire Book


My friend compiled a book of sweet notes and tributes from friends and family for her husband’s birthday. She had me bind it. I just wish I thought of this idea when I failed miserably for Chris’s birthday. I’m happy to have such thoughtful, creative friends.

I love the manly fleur-de-lis/leather combo.

Handbound Ornaments


I found a great tutorial a while back for an accordion bind that could double as a Christmas ornament. After teaching the bind to my class, I’m in love. It’s a simple bind, no sewing, and perfect for Christmas ornaments, gift tags or mementos.

I want to know. . . what are your traditions?!?

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