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The most recent series I’ve completed was almost two years ago! It’s so hard to believe that time has flown by so quickly. This series was my Senior graduating project. I decided to focus on the divide between the studio arts and graphic design (since I do both), and create a series of work from the computer. I had a lot of fun doing this series. I’ve thought of doing more, but they’re just so dang expensive to print. Maybe I can get another grant to pay for more.

This was the series that I did the winter before Chris and I got married. I didn’t do that much… I was distracted with a lot of things; some good, some traumatic. I think I need to explore this style a little bit more eventually.

Here are some pieces that I worked on in my BFA Advanced Studio class. I had a lot of fun working on the textures and patterns. OH, and if you look carefully at the silhouette painting you can tell it’s Chris.

Here’s one of the first series I was able to complete. The finished series was on display at Vermillion Skies in Provo for about 2 months (summer/fall 2005).

Here are some images of things that I did in high school and some other random work.

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