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BlogHer Recap


BlogHer was a whirlwind of a trip. I’ve realized I’m not as young as I used to be; parties, prepping for parties, fab suites & the bustling of the big apple just WORE.ME.OUT. If you’re not familiar with BlogHer, it’s a crazy pants blogging conference. I just bought the expo hall & parties pass, so I didn’t attend any sessions. I didn’t even have time for sessions, it was SO crazy busy.

The first two days were spent being crazy, crazy; prepping for the SocialLuxe party. We all worked so hard to get everything perfect for the big event. Can you believe these swag bags?! They were completely stuffed with the most amazing things. Chris was pretty happy to find out that I was coming home with another pair of skull candy headphones.

{Survival kit photos courtesy of She Posts}

The Avery survival kits were a big hit at the party. I had the privilege to work with Avery & design the labels for the kit. I can’t tell you how handy these kits were & how wonderful Avery is. The bandaids, hand sanitizer & Starbucks gift card definitely saved me!

Friday I spent half the day touring private designer showrooms with 31 other bloggers with Shop At Home. Thanks to them, I went home with some fabulous shoes & a yummy scarf that’s getting me all excited for fall(I’ll share pics later). After my little shopping spree I got pampered yet again at the Getting Gorgeous party & met up with some really fantastic bloggers & sweet brands.

Friday evening I helped out with the Kirtsy Gala by painting inspiring words on people. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of what I did. If anyone has any, would you send them my way? Pretty Please? I’d like that. In addition to the body art, I participated in the art gala by donating a piece to the show. I’ve been dying to share it with you & now that the party is over, I can! I was assigned to read & create something in reaction to this epic post. You better believe I was sobbing after reading it.

I wasn’t quite sure how I could do any justice to this post. It was a pretty tough assignment. I finally took inspiration from an ad on the sidebar & made a little piece about that. I’m not sure I’ve done any justice to the author or her story, but it was an honor to work on this project & so great to have an excuse to break out my watercolors.

This trip was exhausting, but absolutely worth it. I’m not sure I would’ve been able to survive the big apple without my friends & family looking out for me!! My mother-in-law drove 11 hours up to SLC to spend time with Penelope & Chris. My mom met me in New York & helped me survive by making sure I had enough food!! Moms are the best.

Did you go to BlogHer? I’m not sure where to find all the BlogHer recap posts, so if you’ve written one, please include the link in the comments! I’d love to read all about your experience.

BlogHer Recap: UNREAL Awesomeness


I landed in Chicago for BlogHer on Wednesday morning and it was Go, Go GO! I had the fabulous opportunity to fly in with Allison and Marie and tag along with all of the SocialLuxe Hostesses (Allison, Marie, Jane, Jen, Beth & Ciaran) as they prepared for the party of the year. These ladies have been organizing for 5 months to pull the party together, and it was great to duck behind the scenes and watch them all in action.


It was like Christmas for the hostesses to see all of their work getting sponsors and swag pay off. There were 12 pallets of stuff to sort through in preparation for the party.

m&m box

Primp. Pamper. Party! SocialLuxe got customized m&m boxes in the party colors with the primp pamper party graphics on them.

Swag bags & decorations

In a surprise twist, President Obama decided to visit the same Hyatt that Social Luxe Lounge was using for the party. As you might suspect, POTUS has some serious security requirements, and he tends to get what he wants without asking twice. The Hyatt had to move Social Luxe Lounge to a ballroom, sending Jen (of Hostess with the Mostess fame) scrambling to reorganize the decorations.  She pulled the switch off beautifully, leaving the rest of us to assemble the Swag Bag Sea in the next room.


henna tattoo artist & ciaran

Naturally, the party was hopping. I got a manicure, a 10 minute massage, hair touch ups, a henna tattoo and a quick dip in the Swag Bag Sea. It was a great way to kick off my 5 day stint sans Penelope, and I owe Social Luxe Lounge and all of its sponsors big time for jumpstarting my BlogHer weekend!

Thank You, Thank You!


Thank you Whrrl Social Luxe Lounge

This morning as I was making the internet rounds, I found out that I won the Whrrl/SocialLuxe Lounge BlogHer Scholarship! This truly is such a dream. I can’t wait to party with the ladies in the Windy City. Thanks to all of you that “liked” my story and to everyone who reads this blog. I can’t wipe the incredibly large smile off my face, I’m just too stinking excited.

Please Whrrl Me to Chicago!



My heart is racing and I’ve had butterflies in my stomach for the last week. I can’t stop thinking about going to BlogHer! Christopher was going to surprise me with a ticket to BlogHer a couple of months ago, but soon found out it was all SOLD OUT! I’ve been given one more chance to get to go to BlogHer, thanks to Whrrl and SocialLuxe Lounge. For the contest we had to answer the questions, How has blogging made you famous? and Why should YOU go to BlogHer? all with the Whrrl photo story format.

I hadn’t heard of Whrrl until just a couple of weeks ago when my friend told me about the contest. It’s a very new site (from what I gather), that caters to blogging all from your phone. It’s a cool idea, to blog on the go letting your followers and friends know what you’re up to and where. There’s a bit of a learning curve with the platform, but it’s sweet that you can sync your stories with facebook and twitter.

So if you please, check out Whrrl and read my story! Help me get to BlogHer by clicking the “I Like” heart button underneath the first photo. Please pass the word to your friends, because I would REALLY like to go.

•      •      •      •      •      •      •      •      •      •      •      •      •      •      •      •      •

Whrrl Me to BlogHer Photo Sonnet

Whrrl Me to BlogHer Photo Sonnet

Grew up artsy and crafty, made stuff from the start.
Design, cook, paint, sew –– my life story.
My man calls me names like “clever” and “smart”.
Not enough! Give me fame! Give me glory!

Launched a blog in oh-seven to showcase my work,
counting Google stats on my right hand.
Lust for comments hit hard, I was begging “De-lurk!”
and with one breakout post fame began.

The readers poured in once I made Design Mom,
and my Poopy Clutch hit the prime time.
Blog after blog played my cute, crafty song,
throwing link love my way –– so sublime.

Web fame comes on fast, next step’s no surprise;
snag a jet to BlogHer’s Windy City.
I’ll meet, greet and network with stars in my eyes,
making friends with the fresh, fun and witty.

Twitter peeps, Friend Connect, to blog’s A-list I go!
Por favor, Whrrl me off to Chicago?!

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