BlogHer Recap: UNREAL Awesomeness


I landed in Chicago for BlogHer on Wednesday morning and it was Go, Go GO! I had the fabulous opportunity to fly in with Allison and Marie and tag along with all of the SocialLuxe Hostesses (Allison, Marie, Jane, Jen, Beth & Ciaran) as they prepared for the party of the year. These ladies have been organizing for 5 months to pull the party together, and it was great to duck behind the scenes and watch them all in action.


It was like Christmas for the hostesses to see all of their work getting sponsors and swag pay off. There were 12 pallets of stuff to sort through in preparation for the party.

m&m box

Primp. Pamper. Party! SocialLuxe got customized m&m boxes in the party colors with the primp pamper party graphics on them.

Swag bags & decorations

In a surprise twist, President Obama decided to visit the same Hyatt that Social Luxe Lounge was using for the party. As you might suspect, POTUS has some serious security requirements, and he tends to get what he wants without asking twice. The Hyatt had to move Social Luxe Lounge to a ballroom, sending Jen (of Hostess with the Mostess fame) scrambling to reorganize the decorations.  She pulled the switch off beautifully, leaving the rest of us to assemble the Swag Bag Sea in the next room.


henna tattoo artist & ciaran

Naturally, the party was hopping. I got a manicure, a 10 minute massage, hair touch ups, a henna tattoo and a quick dip in the Swag Bag Sea. It was a great way to kick off my 5 day stint sans Penelope, and I owe Social Luxe Lounge and all of its sponsors big time for jumpstarting my BlogHer weekend!

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    1. Ronda says:

      Sounds like you had a blast Melissa!!

    2. Alison says:

      Wow, craziness! How nice to have a few days off. :)

    3. Kathleen says:

      The Social Luxe team did such a great job! That party was my one of my favorites. I wish I had gotten to meet you, but at least my roomate (Naomi of superdumb supervillain) did.

    4. Hey Melissa,

      Glad you had fun at BlogHer. Looks Awesome!!! Just thought I’d stop by and say “hi” and “see you on Friday”!(At the Summer Social Retreat 09) Cute blog! Catch ya later. K Bye :)

    5. Sarah-Ji says:

      Melissa, it was so nice to meet you in the Shutter Suite. And congrats on winning the Lensbaby! Couldn’t have gone to a sweeter person. And I know you’ll get amazing images with it!


    6. Alma says:

      Great pictures! It really was the best party and I was so impressed with how you spent all your time helping out! You’re such an incredible person!!

    7. Rachel says:

      That looks awesome! I’m really enjoying seeing everyone’s pictures!

    8. sarah says:

      Looks like lots of fun. I love swag!

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