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Elephants Never Forget


I don’t forget, either. So, Bobbi, if you’re reading this right now, please know that I have NOT forgotten about you and your package is in the mail (or my personal secretary, aka Chris, is in big trouble). ;)

I think it was back in June that I signed up for Kelly’s favorite things swap. I had so much excitement and energy that somehow disappeared by the time I got my name. Maybe it had something to do with moving into a new place. Maybe. Over 3 months later and I’m very excited to send the package off.

So, here’s my very short, but sweet list of things that make me happy:

favorite thing #1fuzzy_copticsm

These are my favorite. Learn how to bind books with me this November, and make it your favorite, too.

favorite thing #2

Fuzzy Velvet Book

Just like on the book pictured above, I have tons of beautiful velvet-y brocade paper that’s just stunning. I can’t help but share a juicy pile of it with a fellow scrapbook lover.


I love having people over, something I got from my mother. So, I made some green napkin rings. I think they’d go nicely on a black table, maybe even with black linens. Stay tuned for a tutorial!

favorite thing #4il_fullxfull22859209

I made these stickers 2 1/2 years ago to advertise for my BFA final show, and I still love this sticker.

So, I hope that Bobbi will be happy about her package. I sure was floored to see what she sent me (I have yet to take pictures). Now I’m thinking, anyone up for a Christmas swap?

Bookbinding My Mom’s Recipes


I bound this book – it’s a compilation of all of my mom’s tried and true recipes. I have no idea what happened to the original one my mom gave to me, so she gave me the original files and I made one. I also made one for my mother-in-law.

Leather Recipe Book

While we were in California, it was so nice to have a little bit of home with me whenever I got a little home sick.

How to Make a Japanese Stab Bound Journal


Click here to download the Japanese Stab Bind Tutorial

Japanese Stab Bound Book

I was asked how I bound this book, and thought I would share it with all of you! The bind I did for Maggie is a variation on the Japanese Stab bind. I believe the stitching I did above is called a saddle stitch, going around the spine in basically a spiral, then doubling back to where you started & knotting with a square knot.

Earth Day Winner #3: Magnetic Bookmark


Here’s a little info to get to know Magatha May:

Favorite color: Turquoise

Interests: Archery, Organization

Something about me: I captain my college’s archery team, I live shiny things and what makes me me is the fact that I am picky about the visual layout of absolutely everything, from desk layout to page layout to how my books are arranged on the shelf and how my boyfriend’s socks are in the drawer.


This one was a little bit of a challenge for me. I wanted to make something personal but small, since Maggie lives in Ireland and I didn’t want to pay a million dollars in shipping. I’m not sure how the bookmark will help her in her organization or archery, but it is turquoise. The book might help her organize her grocery lists, or help her document ideas/dreams in the middle of the night. Who knows. Hope you like it, Maggie!


While surfing the internets I came across a lovely tutorial via Craft Chi on how to make magnetic bookmarks using old refrigerator magnets. I think it’s a genius way to repurpose those unsightly magnets and to keep your place in your favorite book! I did a few things differently in making mine:

  • I peeled off the top layer of coated paper to expose the more porous part of the magnet for better adhesion
  • I used PVA glue and bookcloth as the hinge, it’s a little more formal than masking tape and will last longer*
  • I cut a notch on one corner of each side of the magnet to make the magnet easier to open

Now I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more unused refrigerater magnets, because I’m definitely planning on making more!

*if you don’t have either of these items, but you want a longer-lasting hinge, try fusing your favorite fabric with heat ‘n bond to regular printer paper. Glue with Elmer’s glue to the magnet, then trim. Elmer’s glue isn’t as flexible as PVA, but it’ll work.

Father’s Day is Just around the Corner. . .


A friend of mine (inspired by this post) asked me if I could make a book for her husband if she gathered quotes and blurbs from family and friends about him. Of course I was thrilled to do it!! I really love the idea of getting family and friends to say nice things about your husband and binding it in book form for a gift. Seriously it’s genius. You know. . . father’s day is around the corner, and I did bring my bookbinding supplies with me to Arizona, so send me an email if you want one made for the man in your life. Or woman. Heck, I wouldn’t mind it if someone did that for me!

Ed's Cork book

I’m so happy with how it turned out. I really wish you could touch your computer screens and truly feel how yummy the cork and leather combination is. I LOVE CORK. I LOVE CORK! It’s just deliciously soft.

Ed's Leather & Cork book II

Like I said above, feel free to drop me a line (islyblog[at]gmail[dot]com) if you want a custom bound book. Also! Check out the right sidebar and join IS•LY with Google friend connect!

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