Chipotle Popcorn + Easy Paper Cones


Last week I bought a popcorn popper! I’ve been doing it on the stovetop until now. It’s not terrible, but it is nice to avoid standing over the stove for 10 minutes at a time.


Our neighborhood has this little tradition called “Street of Treats”. Each street is assigned a Sunday through out the summer and early fall months, and neighbors get together to provide and eat treats. Our street was up first for the summer! I wanted to do something fun, but I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time preparing for it.

I also wanted to do something besides brownies and cookies as I knew mine would certainly not be the best nor the only ones out. So I did a popcorn bar!


About an hour beforehand I realized I didn’t have enough paper cups for neighbors, so I had to get inventive. I certainly have enough paper on-hand, so I made cones:

Cut the 12×12 inch paper into fourths. Find some cute, but strong tape (this is masking tape from OHF).


Lightly crease the corner.


Overlap opposing corners.


But don’t overlap too much.


Secure with tape.

I believe I made about 50+ cones and about 10+ batches of popcorn last night. Neighbors and friends topped their own popcorn with cinnamon and sugar, butter, parmesan, Mrs. Dash Chipotle powder, Salt, Pepper and/or dill. The little kids loved dousing their popcorn in lots of butter.


My personal favorite combination? Butter, Mrs. Dash chipotle seasoning, lots of parmesan and kosher salt.


I’m pretty sure I need to host a movie night and do this kind of thing again. It was fun, easy, cheap and cute.

Does your neighborhood do any fun get-togethers like this during the summer months?

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    1. canary says:

      popcorn poppers means its way too easy to make caramel corn. watch out!

    2. What a great tradition! I love your popcorn bar (and your sign!)… I need to institute this grand idea in our neighborhood!

    3. Nicole says:

      That sounds so fun! My neighborhood doesn’t do anything like that, but I wish we did!

    4. Kristie says:

      Love this. We do movies outside, full projector and screen. But this would be the icing on the cake! Thanks for the idea.

    5. justine says:

      What a fun day!

    6. Liz says:

      Ummm…creepy internet question, but where do you live? Because I want to move there right now. Such a cute neighborhood tradition!

    7. I love those popcorn containers – so classy and cute! : )

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