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Logo Design for Krisle Photography


You know those times when you mesh perfectly with clients? Like you just get their vibe? This was it. Caitlyn and I had a little bit of back and forth about her style and aesthetic before I set to work on her logo. 

She wanted the lettering to be elegant, but not too elegant. Which is exactly how I roll. Perfect for wedding and lifestyle photography. 

For the design, I made a horizontal version of her logo (see it in action on her website) and a monogram for Instagram, favicon and watermarks.

As far as the process went, I sketched it out beforehand, lettered it on my favorite paper with my go-to markers, scanned and digitized. Want to learn more about the digitization process? I’ll be teaching a digital class at Letter Works this summer!

Megan Nielsen Pattern Branding


I worked on this project some time ago & I’m so excited to share with you the finished product! Megan Nielsen is a fantastic clothing/pattern designer, she’s particularly talented in the maternity/nursing realm.

While talking to her about the patterns & Megan’s vision for her brand, it seemed that the simpler the better. I went for a very simple, almost retro feel. I was heavily inspired by Collette & Oliver + S pattern branding. They both don’t use actual photos in their product illustrations. I loved the 50’s & graphic feel of Collette patterns & the paper doll idea from Oliver + S. I thought it’d be great to keep things simple & stick with a black, white & pink color scheme.

I designed the elements & gave Megan a style guide & she did the rest. I love her packaging choices with her patterns! The patterns are neatly & beautifully packaged in an off-white envelope with a sticker/velcro closure for safe keeping. Instead of having a confusing map for her pattern instructions, she has a beautifully stitched booklet equipped with step-by-step instructions, a shopping list & plenty of space for notes & a little sewing log. Brilliantly done, Megan.

I’m just thrilled to have all of these patterns in my hands right now! I can’t wait to get to sewing some of her patterns! Visit to view her patterns & fashion(the Dunes top kills me it’s so gorgeous).

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