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Elephants Never Forget


I don’t forget, either. So, Bobbi, if you’re reading this right now, please know that I have NOT forgotten about you and your package is in the mail (or my personal secretary, aka Chris, is in big trouble). ;)

I think it was back in June that I signed up for Kelly’s favorite things swap. I had so much excitement and energy that somehow disappeared by the time I got my name. Maybe it had something to do with moving into a new place. Maybe. Over 3 months later and I’m very excited to send the package off.

So, here’s my very short, but sweet list of things that make me happy:

favorite thing #1fuzzy_copticsm

These are my favorite. Learn how to bind books with me this November, and make it your favorite, too.

favorite thing #2

Fuzzy Velvet Book

Just like on the book pictured above, I have tons of beautiful velvet-y brocade paper that’s just stunning. I can’t help but share a juicy pile of it with a fellow scrapbook lover.


I love having people over, something I got from my mother. So, I made some green napkin rings. I think they’d go nicely on a black table, maybe even with black linens. Stay tuned for a tutorial!

favorite thing #4il_fullxfull22859209

I made these stickers 2 1/2 years ago to advertise for my BFA final show, and I still love this sticker.

So, I hope that Bobbi will be happy about her package. I sure was floored to see what she sent me (I have yet to take pictures). Now I’m thinking, anyone up for a Christmas swap?

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