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Early Morning Scam. Uhh… I Mean Surprise


While lying in bed deciding if I should get up or not (it was like 9am), there was a loud knock on the door. Chris and I are hyper-paranoid of random knocks on the door, because a) we don’t like solicitors AT ALL and b) we have recently been victims of credit card fraud. So, when I open the door, my first thought was:

Close the door! She’s trying to sell something!

All she asked for was my signature, THEN I’m thinking:

If I scribble it and she decides to use my signature for fraud, I’ll totally know. YES.

Then handed me a large gift bag and left.

WHAT the. . .

I opened the card to find out my parents had sent me chocolate dipped strawerries. For Valentine’s day. Thanks Mom & Dad. Chris and I had a great breakfast this morning. Penelope enjoyed them, too.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

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