Handmade Hourglass Ornaments


Today, I’m over at CraftSnob sharing a quick handmade ornament tutorial made with supplies you likely already have on hand.

I guess you could consider me a major scrooge since I don’t really decorate for the holidays. Or any holiday. In the past couple of years (including this one) we’ve moved just before the holidays so I haven’t really had much time to prep for them. Also, I hate buying Christmas decorations. We’ve always been really low on storage space (until now – we have nearly 1300 sq feet of storage space in our new place!), so if it doesn’t fit in a tupperware box, I’m not going to buy/make it.

My mom was always a huge decorator for the holidays & I have such fond memories helping my mom decorate the Christmas tree. It’s definitely something that I want to get into at some point, but perhaps not now. Definitely not until we’re settled in a place for more than a year. So with that said, if I do get around to putting up decorations for the holidays, they’re usually low impact decorations: they don’t cost a whole lot & they don’t take up a whole lot of space. The Hourglass Ornament tutorial over on CraftSnob falls under both of those categories.

Click here to see the full tutorial at CraftSnob.

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  1. SO CUTE! I love pink and blue together reminds me of cotton candy.

  2. SO CUTE! I love pale pink and pale blue together -reminds me of cotton candy. And somehow the cut design makes me think of how hooville is decorated in the Grinch cartoon. LOVE!

  3. Heidi says:

    Certain others think I’m a bit of a scrooge for not decorating, as well. But: we have no storage space, we’re never home for the holidays, and when we do put up a tree, it sits there until March.

    But, it is fun to make ornaments sometimes. Nicky and I will pick out a theme and make the ornaments to match. Then they can just get tossed when the holidays are over (I’ve been wanting to do an Atari theme, so maybe that will happen this year).

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