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Gothic Spring

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Feeling a tad goth today. I better take advantage of the freshly dyed hair and the pasty skin, no?

Thrifty Friend Fashion

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One of my favorite people came over yesterday for a little lunch and hang out. Oh how I wish Sarah and I were neighbors!

  • Outfit details (me):
  • top: thrifted + refashioned
  • necklace and earrings: Tai Pan Trading (c/o)
  • blazer: handmade by my aunt and mom
  • belt: handmade by me
  • jeans: Forever 21 + refashioned
  • shoes: thrifted gift from Sarah

Sarah does the red lipstick so well, doesn’t she? I’m jealous.

Outfit details (Sarah):

  • top: thrifted
  • jeans: ?
  • shoes: Uptown Cheapskate
  • brooch: thrifted

Keeping it Real. Always.


This is the status quo today. button up, sweater, old jeans, no makeup and bare feet. I wore so many cute outfits this week, but today is the one day I muster up the energy to take pictures. This is as real as it gets.

  • shirt: thrifted
  • sweater: Shade
  • jeans: Ross



It’s so cold in my studio these days (the glories of an unfinished basement). These fingerless gloves have saved me.

  • coat: Forever 21
  • top: Anthropologie
  • necklace: Cambria Cove (Blogher ’10)
  • gloves: ASOS
  • denim: PacSun (I promise I don’t wear them everyday)
  • shoes: Amazon, Seychelles

Motherly Instincts


We’ve all been under the weather around here. It’s a real bummer, especially for little baby Felix. Just after taking these photos Felix started whining a bit. Very much NOT like him. Something didn’t feel right and indeed something was not right. The poor guy has Bronchiolitis (we find out if it’s caused by RSV tomorrow) and double ear infections. We spent about 6 hours out between the pediatrician & the hospital. Poor guy had to get junk sucked from his chest. On the bright side, I had a very comfy outfit for all of the waiting around with Felix. Poor kiddo.

  • top: hand-me-down + refashioned
  • bottoms: H&M
  • boots: thrifted


Chris thinks this pose is hilarious. Agreed.

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